Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Chi, Anyone?

Since this is my family blog, I decided to move all the Feng Shui tips onto my personal blog, Secret Candy. If you want to follow this series, you can go to either one as I'll post a link here. I'll try to do one room a month.

I love themes, so I think I'll call this year's tips,

"Achieving Harmony Room by Room: Feng Shui Basics"

ROOM BY ROOM (January: Living room)

For February, "Feng Shui for the Bedroom"



Eldredge Family said...

I have an itch to rearrange the whole entire house! I am starting at #1!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

OMG! Another thing in common! I am not an expert of feng shui by any means but I try to follow its principles. My husband used to tease me about all the reading I did about it, but it has truly made a difference for me applying what i know. I'm still trying to understand more about it, so I'm so glad you know so much!

Hansonpatch said...

Thanks for the tips Carolyn! It is so exciting to try this technique. I am also extremely excited for your valentine day tablescape! I am going to go try this right now! Congrats on all of the recent possitive developments you soooooo deserve them! Tell the fam we all say hi, and I will email you tonight if the baby will let me! It is great to be connected again!

CC said...

Thanks so much! Don't forget to let me know how your attempts at Feng Shui works out.