Monday, January 5, 2009

Full of Surprises!

Today, the forecast was wet, cold and maybe icy conditions. Well, this is what they meant:

This is not snow, not mere water droplets either, but genuine icicles, on every branch! Amazing!(remember, I'm a tropical girl) I was so happy to see this lovely view that I grabbed the camera, opened the door, and took shot after shot, all the while, in my pj's and barefeet, not caring how cold it was! Or should I say, "crisply chilled moist afternoon air"; nah, it was cold!

I could never get enough of our trees right outside our living room window! Each season of their lives, witnessing all of the surprises they (there's three of them) bring to my four senses does nothing short of rendering me speechless! (you read right, only four since I don't dare taste anything off the trees!)

We've been admiring icicles, big and small in Utah (of course, you'll find them there during the winter months, it snows there!), but to see it here, after the warm days we've been enjoying, is truly unbelievable to me. It's a testimony that if nature can adapt to life's abrupt changes, we can, too! Jasmine and Ian thought that it was pretty cool too, as most of the trees are similarly endowed with beautiful icicles.

These pictures remind me of the "Hot Chocolate" email that I got about how we treat life.

Ok, more tomorrow! Bye for now...