Saturday, January 3, 2009

Giveaway link & Today's Ongoings or April Showers

That's the link to a great giveaway that will end tonight at 8 pm. Maybe I can be more proactive in checking out Lara's blog for these great things!

If you're curious about the details, go ahead and check it out! :D

I didn't really want to start another post, so I'll just be finishing this day's highlights here...

1. Renewed my Wii Fit profile and actually exercised for 5 minutes doing Hoola-Hoop! Boy, am I sore! (Who knew I can still gyrate like that?)

2. Played Life: Twists and Turns; all my children beat me by about $1 million, and thousands of life points! Boy, do I feel old!

3. Walked to the Townhome Office to drop off the rent, and had a great visit with my friend, Heather Wolfe. I just love her, she calls me, "Hey, lady!" I feel so glamorous when she says that...

4. Went through my digi-photo albums of "tablescapes" I've done to get Valentine ideas and I am pleased to know that I actually have two good ones! (Sorry, you'll have to wait to see them in early February...)

5. Got the kids bathe and off to bed in decent time. (YES!!!)

6. And now, I'm off to call my Mama in California.

"Bukas na lang ulit!" ("Til tomorrow again!")

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MaMely said...

Hi CC I enjoyed your blog...specially your post about your trip to Utah, that's cuz I'm from Utah! I live in Magna, not far from West Jordan.