Monday, January 26, 2009

FHE: Shopping Spree & Free Pics!

It's Monday again and we remembered two things: Family Home Evening and our 2nd annual January Shopping Spree!

Here's what we got: (Cha-ching!)

Ian- Matchbox Treasure Hunt track set / TRU (under budget, yes!)

Jasmine- Another You & Me doll (of course)- Baby Brother / TRU (under budget, yes!)

Lisa- Band Shirts and long-sleeved shirts /Hot Topic & Pac Sun (under budget, yes!)

Family Gift- Books- 12 books for $36.00!!

Family Gift #2- My Sims Kingdom for Wii / Game Stop for $29.99!! Last month, it was $49.99!

Plus, on our way out, we were asked to help a Kiddie Kandids trainee hone her craft and by doing so, we ended up having three FREE 5x7's!!! Each kid posed and no sales pitch, just a lot of fun poses... Saved $60.00!!!

I couldn't open up the email pictures, so I had to improvise to show proof of the "impromptu" modeling of our children. Note that Ian decided to be a "smile" rebel. He was too hungry and resisted all the way until the very end.

No more Christmas shopping for our little family ever again. January sprees fit our budget so much better. Yay!!!

For FHE, we made sure that we came back with everyone's limbs intact and that we didn't have to stop at any Emergency Rooms along the way. And we taught them selfless service by going all the way to another city to drop off our unused bird playground to the first responder in Freecycle who couldn't drive at night and whose husband just became unemployed. Mission accomplished!


Lara said...

Ian's picture is my favorite!

CC said...

Mine, too!

Steph B said...

We are still laughing at Ian's pic.

CC said...

Steph: Ian is still saying, "I said only one picture, but she took two!" (lol)