Thursday, January 15, 2009

Full House

Never tell yourself you're gonna have a quiet day because it gets jinxed from the get go! Of course, who's the first person to forget that, ME!

Today was an "early release" day for the children; that meant no school tomorrow and 1:45P return of Jas and Ian as well as Lisa hanging out with friends from 12 - 8PM.

(Chant with me) "It is going to be a quiet day..."

I let the fully bundled up Ian and Jas play until 5:00P in the chilled afternoon with friends because, you got it,

"It is going to be a quiet day...".

I was feeling good about my "best mom of the year" moment until...

Jasmine's friend's parents left her alone in the apartment at 5:30P, and since she has nowhere else to go, came by and knocked on my door determined to stay with us until her parents called to tell her when they're going to come back! It's the girl's 11th birthday today... (5:30-7:45)

Lisa, in her giddiness of being allowed to hang out at the mall with friends, mistakenly declared that she's bringing home Daniel for dinner after they grab the potatoes I need for my "nilaga" or braised pork with cabbage and potatoes in broth. Daniel wanted to come... (7:55 - 10:30)

No problem; except... I was still in my pajamas, Ian was in his undies (due to cold and friction rash), toys were everywhere, I forgot to start the dishwasher, today's mail and crusty cereal bowls litter the table, Charlie's work jackets, yes, jackets hung on a chair, the cat kept threatening everyone with her gaze from atop my entertainment center, was catching up with everyone on Facebook, promised to make and serve hot chocolotes, needed to cut pork, cabbage + onions for dinner, and... I only made enough rice for 4 servings!!! (There's 5 of us and I needed 9)

(I now leave up to your imagination the WB "road runner" impression I did to have a decent place while so hoping no one noticed the mess; "beep, beep!!")

Are you done laughing yet?...


CC said...

From Anne Hanson:

"...It looks as though you have been really busy lately! How fun for all of your kids to have people over though. It is a testament to just how welcoming you are that they want to come and relax at your house! It is just like you said your house always does feel comfortable and welcoming!"

CC said...

I'm just glad that my kids convey that in their own way...

Ma and Pa said...

You are such a good mom. You've got my vote for mother of the year!