Friday, January 23, 2009

Awards Anyone?

Charlie and I went to Jas and Ian's school for their semi annual awards ceremony for last semester. I really didn't understand what it meant since we didn't get a formal invitation like last year.

Not until after a few cheek kisses and warm greetings with the other moms while waving to many of the kids, that I got an explanation: each child was to receive a Character Counts award to get them motivated for this semester.

Brilliant idea? Partly, because after school, Jasmine comes in with a story of how their principal almost marched everyone in her bus back in the school to have their parents get a phone call of their behavior in the bus. You should have heard her; she was shocked at the possible injustice of having her principal call us to tell on something she didn't do and is merely being punished by sheer association of riding in the same bus! I felt for her that I listened with my hand on my chest and part of my brain already concocting a battle cry to lash out to the administration!

Of course, Ian also came in with his own bad news- no stamp today... It really was ok, he had a good and exciting day- He was in the A/B Honor Roll and earned a Citizenship award. Jasmine also earned A/B Honor Roll and Caring award, so yes, I do think both of them can relax today. Don't you? Ian knows he'll have a hard time with Perfect Attendance because of his asthmatic tendencies during the cool months and as far the A/B Honor Roll, both he and Jasmine earned it because they misplaced three homeworks. They would have both earned the A Honor Roll awards instead. No sweat; it's their own learning curve...

I think a lot of the kids know they didn't deserve their Character Counts award. Their own peers were shocked! That was sad indeed, plus these were the same kids that got the whole bus in trouble.
Of course, many of them deserved all three; actually I was one of the loud clappers when my UIL Ready Writing pupils, Megan Smith and Ally Thomas got the A Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance and Responsibility awards. Go, Megan and Ally!

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