Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caught with Both Hands and a Smile

My family's been both concerned and happy for me lately. Concerned because I am sooo into my new blog, but also happy because I am soooo into my new blog!

You see, I'm so insecure about what I can do that I am perfectly comfortable just curled up on the couch with a good book, chocolate and a blanket. So, when I got into this blogging, all four of them, where three is often updated, they cannot be more happier for me. Then I decided to just take another leap and do a tablescape blog.

After last year's Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve tables, this old friend and I reunited again in such a level that I wanted to own every single plate out there so I can mix and match, coordinate, be posh and have so much fun! I've secretly salivated over scrapbook, photography and decorating blogs, but even then I wasn't that motivated to start my own about my love of these works of art of the dining realm.

When was the last time you took a look at your table and said, "I want it to feel like we're in Asia, or a chic restaurant". How about asking if you can pretend that the president of your husband's company will decide to pop in?

Well, I did and still do; everyday actually. You see, if I'm not thinking of homework, my children and dh, or Feng Shui or I'm rather stressed about something, I often think of calming, beautiful or exotic tables that take me away from what ails me at the moment. Want proof of this insanity? Last Saturday, after our awesome V-day dinner, I was so fatigued that I couldn't get up the next day, to attend church.

I literally was frozen on the bed and had to rely on the kids to check in on us, at least me since Charlie's already in dreamland after telling me he has a chest cold and crawled into bed next to me. I tried to answer comments and visit blogs, but I couldn't so I took solace in reading and re-reading my new blog, What Now? - I amused myself with my own silly alter ego, the eager and willing simpleton who is easily pacified with a great picture of a decorated table. After a while, the need to post again got the best of me, but since I still couldn't really move, I decided to browse other tablescape blogs.

Lo and behold, I came across "Between Naps on the Porch" where Susan, a Georgian beauty, expertly and beautifully catalogs her "down-right gorgeous" tablescaping so she can share it with her over 300 followers! I think I'm #351 by the time I decided to become a fan and publicly announce my allegiance. Her photographs are amazingly clear that you can almost find yourself sitting at that table, ready to eat such fine food served on only the best set of dishes on a table so well made up that you may not actually be able to eat anything! I left a comment despite her disclaimer that because she has so many to acknowledge, she may not get to me, her newest guest, to answer back. Honestly, I was sad because I wanted her opinion on my recent accomplishment, my Valentine table.

I didn't need to feel sad; she responded within the hour and with such a sweet approval of the table that I felt like a little kid again being rewarded by a good and understanding teacher. It was truly an honor. And her blog is not just a gawking board either. Everyday, she and her friends do a little tribute to something every single day that makes their blog community as tight as any real friendship. It is simply amazing! None have any use of crude words, misspellings or "blonde" remarks. These are accomplished, beautiful women that love to decorate and tablescape as much as I do! What a blessing indeed! I feel their love and friendship through their comments and also learn from each one as I reciprocate the appreciation.

The feeling is indescribable; I found somewhere I belong even just through our fairly anonymous blogs and shared love of things beautiful and wonderful. I don't have to worry about being ignored as if I'm invisible or be let to leave comments without so much as a thank you. Talents, nature and family, that's our bond. (I think that's why I like the SITS blog too, they make sure that whoever joins know and practice the courtesy of leaving a comment when someone left a comment. Common courtesy, so easy and yet so hard to grasp. I'm so thankful for my family for understanding and supporting this side of me.

Sometimes, you pray for sunshine, sometimes for rain, but sometimes you pray that you find people that can relate to what makes you feel alive. And because you want answers, you take that leap of faith, hoping against hope that He will catch you with both hands. Finding Susan's blog and getting to know her friends, I was definitely caught with both hands and a smile to boot.

I hope you find your great blog family, too. You deserve it!

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