Thursday, February 12, 2009

We'll take Bronchitis for 100 Please

I know I've been having fun with my other blog, but a day can be a mish-mash of emotions, happenings and trials, right? Of course, I'm right!

Today is such a day...

IAN came home from school yesterday, exhausted and with a threatening high fever- again! We gave him Tylenol and let his little soul sleep until it couldn't anymore- about 4 hours... So today, he didn't go to school and we headed off to the Urgent Care near a Target and an Office Depot since we also had errands to do. Charlie, though aching for sleep from having just come home after a 10-hour shift, pulled himself together like the trooper that he is and drove as carefully as he can to our intended destinations. That was at 10:15AM

Due to good traffic flow, we got there about 10:30AM; after signing in, we waited for about 20 minutes (I'm sure it was more) for IAN's name to be called. (The whole time, Ian was upset at the fact that there were no kids around and he wanted to go to the one close to our apartment- in reality, that one was just as bad). Charlie, needing to stay awake indulged his son, and took him for a tour of the place. We went upstairs, down hallways and empty office rooms. It helped. A lot. (Thanks, Mahal, I love you!)

We go back in and waited a little bit more. Then, "IAN MATHEWS", "IAN" rings out and we're off to the triage room. He weighed 46.6 lbs. 45 inches tall. Yep, he's still on the small side. (I hate it when he gets sick; he loses weight, pounds at a time! It's like going back to square one, it's maddening at times- like today!)

Then, we wait for 1, 2, 3 hours! Why? There was only one, count it, one doctor! Was that enough to ruin our day? No, of course not, that would be too easy! No, we have to have the doctor confirm the wheezing, give him the Pulmicort/Xopenex breathing combo in this nebulizer which of course the attendant left the moment it was turned on and didn't come back! We had to tell her that the darn thing was done. Did they come running? No, we still had to wait until the doctor shows up with another assessment of his lungs.

As we wait:

Ian: "Daddy, spell transportation."

Daddy: "B-U-S".

(Both Ian and I laugh heartily)

Ian: "Daddy! That's not how you spell transportation!"

Daddy: "You're right, it's "T-R-U-C-K".

Rattle... Rattle... No wheezing anymore, but now there's rattling. Could be pneumonia.

(Me yelling at "Brain": "I don't want pneumonia, his system can't handle pneumonia! He will lose so much weight and be lethargic for days. It can't be pneumonia! We'll take bronchitis, yeah, bronchitis is so much better. Please let it be bronchitis! Are you listening, Brain? I want bronchitis!)

Must be cautious. X-rays ordered. Next room. Fitted with crotch protector. Told to pose and hold just right. Three times. One more because he shifted slightly. Good job. Back to the room. More waiting. Hungry Mommy. Hungry Daddy. Hungry Ian.

The technician goofed and didn't give the films to the nurses for the doctor. More waiting.

Doctor comes back in and says: "No pneumonia, but there are infiltrates that could be viral which is typical of bronchitis." (Yes! Did you hear that, we got bronchitis! Yay!)

We finally get to the prescriptions and the good doctor argues with me as to what kinds of medicines work on my children! ("WE DON'T DO ZITHROMAX! Can you hear me, doc? It doesn't work! All three systems linked to my genetic line do not respond to Zithromax!")

I win the round and he gives us Amoxicillin and OraPred. Taking that last step outside of that building was the best part of the day! Filed under ONE TIME WONDER unless in emergencies and we are closest to it.

We got home twenty minutes before Jasmine got off the bus and reached the front door. EXHAUSTED PARENTS- our new slogan of the year!

Background Tidbit: Last April, I wanted to look for a job, got all the online printable applications ready to be filled out. Ian had to be picked up from school, because he was not responding to Tylenol at school. He was sick with wheezing and sinus infection. This year, Sunday morning, my next door neighbor told me about a work-at-home opportunity with a local business. I started the application process. Monday at 3AM, Ian crawls into our bed with a 103 fever!

Any ideas as to what this means?


Hansonpatch said...

Maybe it means you are wondermom, or that you shouldn't work, or that you should work, but there are forces at work against you. I know, I am such a huge help :-). I am sorry that Ian is sick, I hope that he is well quickly and that life can return to normal. It is always scary when your kids are sick. You guys are in our prayers!

CC said...

Thanks, Anne! It's more frustrating when I see his little body suffer while his little mind is going 100 mph! I hurt for him!

Today, he really wanted to do his V-day party in class, so we sent him to school, held up by his meds... I took their picture. It's all I could to not cry in front of him.