Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tender Mercies: The Date and The Storm

Charlie's working on FEB 14 so we went out last night to dinner. We had planned on going to a nice seafood restaurant, but it was all the way in Downtown Dallas and the thunderstorm/tornado watch warnings were just put into place. Charlie cancelled the reservation but we chose a nearby alternate instead (we got dressed up for this, of course we went! :-D)

We chose to go to the TEXAS LAND & CATTLE Steakhouse. YUMMY! If you have one, you should soooo go! They know steak!

On the way there and back, everything was calm and traffic was light (maybe because people were already locked up inside and we were the foolish ones still on the road?)

I was unusually calm for someone who doesn't like getting dressed up, rarely goes on dates with her husband that includes make-up and who hasn't had much sleep since her son was sick for two days and who had to ask for homework extension. It felt like I was in another world while functioning amongst my family.

Charlie intently watched the storm before we left, so our date was wrought with some trepidation- we are leaving our three kids after all, alone for 3 hours! We did cut it 2 hours.

Like I said before, the weather was calm in Carrollton throughout our roundtrip travel and dinner. Charlie was charming and conversation was not about the kids (can you imagine that? Of course, I did call to check in on them about 3-4 different times)

Anyway, I asked Heavenly Father in my tired but motherly plea to please, please watch over my children, my family during this storm and to keep Charlie and I safe. I didn't ask for permission if we can go on this date- I was afraid of the answer)

When we got home, we even had time for me to check comments from my other blog and help sign school papers for the kids. Charlie played with them and we took pictures in our nice date clothes. Ian was feeling better, though still coughing pretty bad.

At exactly 9, the rains poured, lightnings abound, thunder was loud and the siren was going off to warn all to take shelter from the storm within our own homes. The kids had just gone upstairs to go to bed after we prayed that all will be well so tomorrow's needs can be accomplished. As the siren went off, the kids had to immediately come down and hide in our master bath like we did back in April. Charlie and I did our best to stay calm and procure flashlights, candles, lighter, water and Ian's meds and nebulizer. Charlie made our bed and I lit the candles and cleared more room in the bathroom. Charlie managed to get a bath radio the day before. With everyone in the tiny master, all we had to do after all that, was wait and see.

Where are the tender mercies you ask? Here...

Ian was feeling much better, no longer lethargic, throwing up and was coherent enough to keep up with the tense situation of a storm.

We found that 50% deal on batteries last month. We had enough batteries for all the flashlights we found in the house.

Charlie's bath radio helped us keep up to date on the storm even as the power was out, including our home phone.

My laptop was always plugged in, so its battery was 100% charged to draw power from to charge Charlie's cell phone for any incoming or outgoing calls.

We just all ate dinner and I had asked Lisa to help her siblings put together their own water bottles and to choose a snack for today (she hid them all in the master bedroom).

Our date was successful- Charlie and I were able to sit down and talk about our future plans after he graduates from the Apprenticeship in May.

I remembered to turn off all the computers, printer and TV prior to the power outage.

Carrollton did not get placed in the warning zone for very long.

But the best tender mercy of all... (if you haven't picked up on it yet)

It was Charlie's day off, we were all home to ride the storm together; safe and sound...

Sometimes, you pray and don't really have your heart in it. You go about your day, you function, get things done and along the way, finding things that you don't expect. If I was Heavenly Father, I would have been frustrated with me-the mother of a home where function became the menu of the week rather than faith and hope. The only grace that may have helped us was that we took the time to go to His temple in Dallas despite the most irritating opposition. Charlie as a priesthood holder, he presided over our family with patience, help, love and good music both on his way to work, back and all day Sunday while also listening and supporting me in my efforts on my new blog. And also maybe, just maybe, the fact that we took care of what we needed in our own home- like restocking our pantry, batteries and our children's needs.

We'll never really know, but I'm just glad to feel grateful for a loving and merciful Heavenly Father... We all are. How about you?


Pink Ink said...

You are a beautiful couple!

You really have so much to be thankful for. When I read about the siren, I was surprised. It was that kind of a storm??

I am so grateful for my kids. Yesterday, I went out to eat with some lady friends. They talked about their kids, and I mostly listened. Someone said such-and-such was perfect and the such-and-such was their not-perfect child. I wanted to go home and hug my children just the way they are.

Hansonpatch said...

Wow, I dreampt about tornados the night before. I have lived in tornado alley and am familiar with the sirens and the drill. I am so glad you were watched over. We had severe wind and rain the other day and a ten minute power outage. It really brought home the need for preparedness. What I like most about your story was that you prepared a little at a time, and you were led to do it. You didn't freak out screaming " it's the end of the world" or something like that. You just lived the way that you should and what you would eventually need was placed before you!
p.s. Love the Pic. you look great!

Ma and Pa said...

Wow... sounds a little fun, everyone in the bathroom. Well fun if you know the outcome is good. So glad that things seemed to work out just right.

CC said...

Pink: Yes I do... I hugged mine, too and I let them hug me...

Anne: I just re-read my post and your comment and are now wiping tears.

Jenny: So, so glad that's for sure!

Eldredge Family said...

I think i would be terrified of the siren. Like the scriptures say be prepared and need not fear! I think you look amazing. I love your eye makeup.

CC said...

Crystal, you noticed! Thanks!

It took me about 5 minutes on each eye since I haven't had any sleep, I couldn't tell if each was even.

Charlie thought so too!

Also, I'm glad that two times in a row, Carrollton was spared from tornadoes.

Michelle said...

Wow sounds like a fun and crazy day. I glad you were able to go out the night and back home in safty. Ü

CC said...

Hi Michelle! Yeah, it was rather nervewracking, thinking back about it all.