Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A lot to catch up on...

This week has been an up and down episode for me. Michelle's visits have always been a real treat since I rarely go anywhere. Having someone come to see me is like being given, an award for something you never expected but secretly hoped for.

At the same time, when someone is over, my children seem to catch this "brat" bug and can't seem to get a hold of themselves. Each become a little too silly, too loud, too deaf and too much for me to handle. My stress level goes through the roof (perils of being a homebody I guess...)

But I'm so glad that because we've had so much to take care of this week, Michelle's visit was not the sole activity of each day. She...

-went to the movies, ate out, do a Costco run, bought groceries, watched DVDs, cooked, bought a dining set, play games and ate yummy home treats with us.

-I was able to finally take her to do a pedicure for her 21st birthday (she chose an awesome shade of dark red/burgundy, so pretty!).

-I was able to take her shopping for stuff that she needed (you know, things that guests need! I don't know about you, but I have no room in my little apartment for these extra stuff, so most get used and I just have to replace it per next visitor).

-I loved how she brought her cookbook and made three, count it, three tongue-twisting delish dishes- Hawaiian haystacks, Dutch babies and Sweet & Sour Pork! All I can say is, I want that cookbook! (Thanks, Michelle)

-I was able to recreate the same cheesecake recipe I stumbled on after my first attempt. (And the best cheesecake recipe award goes to... ME! Seconds, please!)

-She was able to have some time with the kids (so glad we didn't find her hanging upside down from the ceiling fan from all their overexcitedness) when Charlie and I had to go to West Grapevine to look for this darn (but oh-so beautiful) dining set.

-We were able to go to the Dallas LDS temple and perform bapstisms for the dead despite obvious oppositions(STOP!)- maybe another post...

-Able to have some time alone with her and talk about life and future (it's our favorite way to hang out).

But best of all, I'm glad just at the fact that Michelle came; sometimes you need your life interrupted because that's when extra blessings come...

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