Monday, February 9, 2009

Helping the Economy through Kohl's

Yep, we hit Kohl's today for shoes!

And saved an average of 60% off!!!

Plus we earned some Kohl's cash - redeemable in two days!

I know we all need to help the economy, but we might as well do it while leaving a chunk of it in the bank, right?
(I see you nodding your head...)

I don't normally shop this much at one time, but the sweet deals coincided with our needs, so cha-ching for us and Kohl's! Yay!

Gotta love that give and take cycle, huh?


Hansonpatch said...

Ahh the healing power of shoe shopping! So, what kind did you get? 60% off Yeah! Miss you guys!

CC said...

Mainly for Charlie and Jasmine but I got some hot boots!

::Jan:: said...

I adored your words under your header. You are truly blessed. And yes, we all need retail therapy at times. Even if it might be Goodwill :)

Have fun with those new boots too.
Thanks for stopping by.

CC said...

Hi Jan! Nice to see you in this blog. Thank you!

Kohl's is so close to us that walking or even driving there saves us money...