Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still tired... but, we made STATE!!!

This post would be for today, yesterday, alright this whole week! I was so tired from yesterday that I actually fell asleep before midnight. (Did you hear me, before midnight!) I couldn't believe it either! (**imagine "in total shock" face**) Ok, still too tired to even write anything else, so here are the pictures instead... See all of them (wake up!- If I had to stay up, you can, too!)

The day after Michelle arrived: fo-ggy!

The Hawaiian Haystack dinner (yummy!!!)

Michelle getting her pedicure (do you think she's having fun?)

Look at the ten pretty little piggies... awww...

This is last Sunday's lunch: Dutch babies or Blown-up pancakes

And here are Lisa's Ac Dec medals
(now that's the bling I can get into!)

This is an outright shameless bragging ladies...
Her team competed out of 31 schools!

Gold- Hebron's Top Scholastic Decathlete

Silver- Essay Competition

Bronze- 3rd Super Quiz Relay

Bronze- (with red ribbon) 5th place Overall Team

and... THEY MADE STATE!!! Yeah!

Also, been too busy reading others' blogs so I definitely will have some better ideas to post soon (hopefully...)


Eldredge Family said...

I would brag too! She did a great job!

CC said...

You know it! :D