Monday, February 23, 2009

FHE: Sharing and some Ice Cream

Lisa was sick today and Jasmine and Ian kept growling at, bickering with and not nice to each other. I've really had it. I wasn't a happy Momma, but I had such a good day with my husband (yes, we were on date for deals again...) that I wanted to carry that into the night to end the day on a good note. Then it hit me- it's Monday!


So since I was able to visit my friend to see if she needed anything and Charlie needed gas, we decided that we could replenish a few perishables in the fridge like veggies and ice cream. (What? Ice cream is perishable! Granted it's a sweet, refreshing and tempting perishable- I know most people eat it in one seating that it rarely gets left to suffer from freezer burn, it is still a perishable item)

Anyway, I made my signature "bistek" dish and steamed rice and the kids made lemonade. As I reminded all about FHE, the table got set and the food was laid out without much hassle. Charlie offered the prayer and we all enjoyed praising Mommy for such a good meal. (Yay, me!!!)

After dinner, we started the lesson with "I'm Trying to be like Jesus". We just listened to it (except for a few snickers, it was impressively reverent) and then I proceeded to ask what the song was about. Answers of "we need to be like Jesus more", "love one another" and "listen to your parents" rang out from the kids and Charlie and I quickly redirected all of them to the meat of the lesson- SHARING.

To sum it up, "Sharing is of God; Heavenly Father shared His beloved son with us, His son shared his love and compassion and miracle with us. He chose special men to continue sharing the sweet message of His gospel while he was on earth and after he was ressurected. God shares with us so we can learn how to share." And since they were kids, we also added, "It is wonderful to share good things, but never ever share bad things (with exceptionary pointers)."

As for the treat, we used the ice cream and some spongecake cups to make a delectable dessert. I call it,
"Spongy Cream with Berries"

First you'll need... Fruits and grated milk chocolate bar

Then you need a sponge cake cup with a scoop of your fave ice cream; we used C & C

And you'll end up with one of these! Yummy!

Or... if you want to make it more interesting, go find an inexpensive Martini glass and do this!
Walmart clearance- 86 cents!!!

I'm just so glad we remembered to do another Family Home Evening. It feels great everytime we remember. Do you agree? What's your favorite memory of your own family's FHE?


::Jan:: said...

I love FHE. We don't do it by the book, but we just do it. Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner. It was fun, they gave a message, my parents came. We just enjoyed the whole night. I love that you are doing this for your family. It will bless thier lives so much. :)

Hansonpatch said...

We organized 72 hour kits into backpacks, discussed fire safety, and then read an article from the Ensign on being prepared. We did all of this in the L.R. on a blanket while eating Pizza, salad, and chicken fettucine. In short..we pigged out! It was fun, and then we played yahtzee.

Chandy said...

Cool beans!

Jan: I love it when the missionaries are over, too! They leave our home so filled with good blessings...

Anne: I have to do that again. I still don't know how to Yahtzee, but I will learn. Great idea! Yummy dinner picnic- I'm hungry now!

Ma and Pa said...

We are just happy if we remember also. Last night we had ice cream and read a story out of the friend magazine. It made our home feel good.

Chandy said...

Jenny: I just love it! And I love that you comment on my blog. I feel so loved! :-D