Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Meme for March

Ok, I know technically it is still February, but it's fun to do memes (Lara got me hooked!) so we will do another one, starting... Right now!

1. What do you do when you see a penny on the ground?

I pick it up. No penny is safe once they've been spotted. Unless of course it belongs to somebody, then I pick it up and give it back to the (careless, I mean poor) owner.

2. If you picked it up, where does it end up?

In a piggy bank or a jar for pennies. It depends really on who in our family found it first.

3. When you think of a penny, what's the first word you come up with?

"Penny!" (Don't you?)

4. Do you prefer shiny or patina'd pennies?

Patina'd; only because I know that there's a possibility that it may be an older penny. Those are cooler, especially the earlier ones- before the Lincoln Memorial

5. Do you collect them?

Yes, and save them and teach with them. My dh is the more avid fan of penny collecting. I go through them more for the older ones.

6. Do you clean them first?
No, not normally, but I did wash my dh's huge collection while I was bored one day waiting for my classes to start. I washed them all with bleach and proceeded to sort them by decades. Did I mention I was bored? (Yes, I did do some laundry, the dishes, made dinner and checked homeworks in between...)

7. What would you rather get for a lucky charm, a penny or a shamrock?

Honestly, a penny because I know its value and I feel lucky to have that extra ".01" spendable cash in my possession, lol!. A shamrock, what would that do but wilt on me. Who needs that?

Alright, it's your turn... Try it and see how many pennies you'll notice after this meme. What do you think inspired this meme, a penny of course!


Chandy said...

I transferred these comments...

Chandy said...

From Dina:

hi thanks for stopping by, this is a good meme!

Chandy said...

Thanks for stopping by, too Dina! Welcome!

Chandy said...

From Sue: (Beautiful Pear Tree):

Hello Chandy,
I love this post!!!! I am a penny picker upper!!! what a name. LOL I have seen people pass a penny by, not me if it doesn't belong to someone else its mine. LOL Thank you for visiting me and your kind words, I hope you will visit again.


Chandy said...

Sue: Welcome! I'm glad you found this meme. I love pennies, too! Thanks

Chandy said...

From Shauna:

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Chandy said...

From Marivic: (Little Grumpy Angel)

This is a fun meme. Was it Benjamin Franklin who said a penny saved is a penny earned? I'm sure a penny had more buying power back then but it still is worth saving.

Chandy said...

From Judy (Vintage to Chic):

hanks for visiting me. My first visit to your blog and I will return. Love it. I to will pick up a penny when I see one.


Chandy said...

Marivic: No, it was Benjamin Franklin that said that.

Judy: Welcome, thanks and come back anytime!

Chandy said...

Oooopppsss! Sorry Marivic, I meant to say you are right, it is Ben Franklin that said that quote.

Chandy said...

From Melissa Miller:

Hello Chandy, :)

Thank you very for visiting my blog and your wonderfully kind comments! I always appreciate meeting other bloggers.

Come and visit anytime.
You're always welcome!

~Warmly, Melissa :)

Chandy said...

From Design Ties:

I love the glow of a brand new shiny copper penny :-) Although to be honest, I don't pick up a penny if I see it on the ground -- I hold out for quarters ;-)

Thanks for participating in our giveaway -- good luck!! :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Chandy said...

From Leigh (Bloggeritaville):

I just love meme's! Always fun to learn about other people! Have a great day, Chandy!

Chandy said...

From KC Mom:

Hey, I may have to do this! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog today! :)

Chandy said...

From Megan:

LOL Usually if I see a penny I just walk right on by. BUT I usually find them in my washer, having been in my hubby's pant pockets. In that case, they either sit on top of the drier or make their way to the coin jar.

Chandy said...

From Cadance:

Hi! I came over from Jan's blog! I got a question for ya!...I see on your side bar you have one of the books you like listed as "Sookie Stackhouse" does that by any chance have to do with the series HBO did "True Blood"? That was the name of the girl in the I just wondered..I loved that show!

Love your blog! I will definitely be back to visit you! If that's ok!

I never get a chance to pick-up the pennies 3 year old does...and I assume we get to split the luck!?!?!?

Chandy said...

From Mari (Once Upon a Plate):

Hi Chandy~Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Your blog is so cheerful and fun, I love it! xo~m.

Chandy said...

Melissa:Thanks and welcome as well!

Chandy said...

Kelly: Quarters would be great to find, huh? :-D

Leigh: I'm glad you do, I love it, too!

Megan: I know what you mean; the hubby's a great collector of pennies, so we find most of them from the pockets of his pants, lol!

Cadance: Yes, it is! No HBO here plus the show's a little risque for my taste. But I heard they try to be true to the book.

Mari: Welcome and thank you!

Chandy said...

Squawmama: Welcome,welcome!

Chandy said...

Shauna: Welcome to my blog!

Chandy said...

From Donna (Squawmama):

Hey Chandy... Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting me... I love meeting new people... Your blog is really great... I enjoyed reading it and really loved the penny meme... LOL LOL Hope you'll come back again... I know I'll be checking in on you from time to time...