Thursday, December 4, 2008

Choir Girls (21 Days to go...)

Tonight was one of those nights where a mother just can't help but feel "well pleased" with her daughters. Both Jasmine and Lisa are now in Choir programs in their respective schools, and tonight, they sang "together" in a form of a "Cluster" concert.

(They are both on the left side (looking at it); Jasmine's group is on the left side of Lisa's and she's the fourth kid in the first row, wearing Santa hats while Lisa's up on the stage, third girl in.)

Seeing them sing their songs and then together at the end almost brought me to tears. My heart was full of gratitude for such beautiful, talented, and bright daughters... Charlie showed his pride by taking tons of pictures of the girls and the concert. Gotta love him for that! Ian clapped for his sisters as loudly as he can. He wanted to see if they can hear his clapping because they sounded really good each time. I feel so blessed to have my children, I can burst!
But I managed to compose myself, until the end that is when I had to holler my heart out and clap my hands red from sheer giddiness! All the choir groups were astounding! They deserved the deafening applause they received for each performance.
Of course, Ian had to try on the hat, though he discovered he didn't really like it. Oh, well...
I wish you were all here to share this moment with us; at least be here with boxes of tissues! :D

Story: The Christmas Bell by Margo Fallis

Song: Christmas Bells (Children's Songbook)

Scripture: Matthew 1:21-25

Activities: Act out the roles of mouse, cat and bell. Attend a school concert and feel the true Spirit of Christmas.

This is a fun and funny story to act out after a hard day of Christmas planning.

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Owens Family said...

Your kids are so big. How did that happen? That's really cool that they got to be in it together.