Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Miracles...

To most of you, these may not mean much, but to me and my family, December is such a sweet time of the year that every little good thing is a true miracle for us. Of course, the recording of such discoveries are left up to me. So, I hope you find ones that you and yours may have experienced.

-Receiving an 11-piece Nativity set for free after declaring my interest in collecting Nativities, on the same day.

-Finding cute red and white snowflake square plates for Christmas, for 60% off. So, so cute!

-Seeing that Las Vegas was clear and warm when we landed from Austin, Texas.

-Getting on the flight to SLC that we wanted despite other passengers who got diverted to Las Vegas, heading to Seattle, because Portland, Oregon had to close down due to snow storm.

-Finding all the gifts we wanted to give in two stores, in one day.

-Meeting an adorable Japanese elderly woman who taught me that who and how I am, there are lots of us out there. We are just misunderstood for our friendliness and kindness and for our love of all people. I needed to meet her, that’s why we got on the flight that we thought we would have to miss out on.

-Getting snowed in after we have safely arrived in Salt Lake City and inside the house, warm and cozy.

-Arriving safely and on time, to a relative’s wedding, despite warnings of black ice on the road.

-Not slipping once, throughout our whole Utah vacation, though I have no traction on either my dress shoes or boots.

-Purchasing not one, but two great coats, with the same money I received for Christmas, after praying that I don’t want to spend all my money on one warm coat.

-Lisa finding a coat she and I can both agree on, and she loved! It was two winters’ overdue!

-Ian being asked to participate in a school winter performance for something he loves, dancing!

-Having my in-laws ask me to make Filipino food before we came to Utah. I love making it and wanted them to enjoy some.

-Finding Black Currant sparkling juice (in Utah) after about three years of hearing it from Food Network! It was yummy!

-Ian only having a mild allergic reaction to walnut and felt immediately better without any medication. He excitedly dove into a cup of ice cream before asking what’s in it. We still took him right away to the ER, and the doctor gave him what he needed to prevent any later reactions.

-My in-law’s giving us the exact cocoa/latte machine I envisioned I can get so that I didn’t have to keep microwaving cups of unfinished hot cocoa cups the kids leave behind. It swirls it around, making it frothy and smooth while heating it up to the right temperature. Yum!

-Making my graduation goal of qualifying to be a part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Yes!

-My brother getting to see his wife in Montreal, Canada safely despite pretty bad turbulence close to the airport.

-Getting home safely and with smooth travel adventure.

-Charlie getting almost a month's worth of time off with pay! It was a combo of trainings and holiday floaters. It felt great to wake up each day and he's right next to me!

-Getting the classy plates I wanted (remember, I collect dishes) for 50% off and 8 of them, on my birthday. It perfectly coordinates with our wedding dishes, which we still cannot afford, he, he...

-Having a cousin in-law's (Heather) sleeping baby in my arms and have her stay asleep for almost an hour despite the noise and foreign smell (I wore perfume). She was precious, a true princess… I held in my arms royalty; she was three months old.

-I missed my family so much that I was always in the verge of tears, but my prayers were answered when I had great conversations with each sibling and my mom. It all ended with me laughing so hard, my sides hurt!

-I found a great advent calendar for 50% off that goes with Lisa’s theme, completing her theme. Jasmine has hers, now I only need to look for a good Disney one for Ian.

-Finding great AZ friends' through their blogs and Facebook. What a great way to keep in touch!

-Getting all of our luggage within seconds of arriving at the Baggage Claim carousel at Dallas Love Field airport.

-All of our packages stashed in our luggage, intact!

We feel very blessed this year; Christmas, my birthday and New Year's Eve are just icing on the scrumptious cake we call December. We just love it!
Who else knows how to best give us the best things in life but our Lord Jesus Christ? And... How else can we see and appreciate them if He doesn't let us exercise our free agency? You see, it all works out!

Never the one without the other...

Ok, love you all! Happy New Year!

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farmerswife17 said...

Fun pictures! Glad you had a fun time. Sounds like it is our turn to make it out to Texas one of these days....

Oh, I just wanted to mention that Todd is actually Charlie's (and my) cousin's son. I wouldn't want people to think Todd was my son! Yikes! I'm old, but not that old!:)