Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm 37? Are You Sure?

Well, ok, I am 37 today and this so far has been the greatest birthday ever!

Why you ask? Because... On the way to SLC from Las Vegas, I sat next to this cute and adorable little Japanese woman named Fusi Peck who took one look at Lisa then at me and said,
"You don't look like you have any business having a teenager, are you sure she's your daughter?"
Yes! Fountain of Youth, not needed yet! :D

(Taken right in front of my in-laws' house, Sunday; my legs sank up to the bottom of my skirt hem. I didn't want to look obviously cold, so I donned a silly pose instead.)

Taken behind and the at the left side the house, looking into the surrounding mountain range; gorgeous views!)

We started my morning leaving the "enlightened"(ha, ha, get it, because of all the snow?) state of Utah from my parent in-laws' South Jordan garage and ended it "talking" to all of my blog friends back here in "evergreen" Texas. Got tons of birthday "loves" from people and I got to have a good laugh with my family in California. Nothing better than that!

I received wonderful gifts (songs, hugs, money, phone calls, Facebook shoutout, shopping spree and a dinner out).

Naturally, Charlie's gift was the best...

In the midst of our (mostly his) packing, I decided to wash my face in the bathroom since I was starting to get really sleepy, after a brief phone chat with my mom. He suddenly came in with his cell phone but didn't look at me. He just fiddled with it for about a few seconds. When he finally did, he leans down to give me a kiss and says, "Happy Birthday, Mahal (beloved)", gave me another kiss then showed me the time on his cell- it was exactly 12:00AM!


Then again, I shouldn't be surprised; this is the same "Romeo" who flew me around San Jose, California on a beautiful night, for our 1st date! Yep, he can fly a plane and fix them, too! (Ladies, back off, he's all mine! lol)
We were also granted safety and good health throughout the day (though there was that brief time this morning in Albuquerque where I had to lie down instead of sit while waiting to be called for boarding because every muscle in my body ached... Charlie and the kids let me nap for almost an hour. That was an amazing gift (I speak to all insomniacs and nap-deprived out there; just sayin'...).

I'll post more Utah pics tomorrow and my "December Miracles" soon.

Thank you to all who remembered my birthday; it was an amazing day!


Eldredge Family said...

Happy Birthday! Yes your fountain is over flowing because you look no where near 37!!! I would have taken a grumpy freezing picture, I hate to be cold! I just turned 29 and I was so sad. I just don't feel that old at all. I hope you have a great year! When I saw all of the Christmas cups on clearance today at Target I thought of your Halloween cup story.

Crazy SeVen said...

Happy birthday!
What a happy life you're having!

CC said...

Thank you both!

Crystal: You're so right; lol!

Crazy SeVen: Welcome to my blog!