Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Minute (Only) Shopping! (5 Days to go...)

Last night, we found out that we can and will be spending Christmas in Utah with my dh's family. So the hunt for the perfect gifts began.

We've had ideas of what to get, but time just weren't on our side until we forced it to. Isn't that always the case? To clarify, we did not procrastinate; we weren't sure we were going anywhere and were perfectly comfortable with shopping for late presents after New Year's day. Remember, it's one of our traditions now. :P

The result? I think I'm quite impressed with the fact that we stuck to our list and waited until stores "restocked" for the week of Christmas. We found everything that we needed in two stores! Yep, you read right, two!

Plus, we even managed to get a haircut, a trip to the storage, a carwash, a new key, 7+ loads of laundry and watched 3 movies in under 7 hours! Now that's a record for our family for last minute activities that involve a trip.

I honestly don't know if I'll be able to blog the next few days starting Monday, so I hope that everyone who sees my blog has the best, merriest and blessed Christmas ever!

I'll see you all next post!

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