Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dancing & Winter Party (7 Days to go...)

Today, Jasmine had her Winter party and I took lots of pictures (been like that lately). They played three rounds: at least one on each finger, using different fingers for each and walking backwards. It was a blast! Feasting on a cheese and grapes platter didn't hurt either.
Getting ready for the candy cane relay

Passing the "baton"

"Mommy, can I think about having my picture taken first?"

Lisa came home long enough to change into her Sunday clothes because she was headed to the temple with the other youths in our church ward.

At night, we had to go back again since Ian was invited to be part of the 5th grade Winter performance. It was wonderful! Seeing him dance with a partner just melted my heart...

(We couldn't take any stills of Ian dancing because there were so many people when the music teacher called out the 1st graders on to the front, plus it was too dark without using the flash which was a no-no...)

Busy, busy, busy...

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