Monday, December 15, 2008

Butter Anyone? Some trees? (10 days to go...)

Tonight was about taking advantage of great grocery deals, putting up lights, setting up our trees (yep, you read right!), and making our very own homemade butter!

Here's how we did it:
1. We poured some of the the heavy whipping cream (16 oz.) into a small jar and some into a food container.
2. We added a pinch of salt to each and made sure the seals are good.
3. Then Jasmine shook it.

4. And shook it...

5. And shook it some more.

6. Then Charlie shook it some more until it solidified.
7. After that, Charlie separated the buttermilk, and rinsed the butter solid 4 times with very cold water (perfect from tap, it's about 25 degrees here!).
8. The last step is to spread it on any bread or rolls and enjoy!

(All together now...)

We also decorated our trees
(the four small ones that we recently bought)

A forest of trees with gold stars and burgundy ornament balls... (click photo to see details better)

... And a candy cane tree!

Whether you choose butter or tree, it doesn't matter. Either one, you'd be in for a treat!


Lara said...

What a fun thing, to make your own butter!

Eldredge Family said...

I am impressed! I would not know how to do that!

CC said...

We had a great time!