Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stressful Day! (8 days to go...)

(All 18 children participating; Jas' 3rd from the left front)

So I went to Jasmine's 1st ever Spelling Bee today at school. Afterwards, I decided to stick around and make copies for all the 4th grade teachers, and eat lunch with Ian. Well, it didn't start out in a good way at all.

First, Jasmine reveals that she never studied for the Bee. She claims she doesn't know where the list is.

Then, I couldn't find my keys (that Lisa borrowed and she couldn't remember where). I had to ask my neighbor to watch our apartment since Jasmine begged that I come to the Spelling Bee.
(2nd round)

(Taking a little break)

(Third round; she misspelled "chronicles"; I wasn't the only one that thought it was a hard word to hear and spell.)

After that, I get to the school, and proceed to watch the Bee, make copies and eat lunch with Ian. Everything went great, the copier worked perfectly and I did all that I was supposed to do. I ended at exactly 3:00PM

I proceed to look for my two children. Where are they? Nowhere to be found! Ian's teacher and I looked for him everywhere, including Jasmine's room. Well, she took the bus, so I knew Ian was with her. (We have a standing order that if I'm in the school, I take them home) Yup, they forgot!

I call my neighbor to watch out for them. They got home a few minutes after I hung up the school phone. I call to make sure they're inside and told them to stay on the couch and not to touch anything. I was both worried and fuming...

Charlie eventually shows up at 3:40 to pick me up and we get home. I found them on the couch, surprisingly enough, with nothing on either hand.

I asked them and they tried to make the excuse that "I didn't tell them", so I asked them, "What does it mean when Mommy's at school?" Of course, the answer was, "Go home with you..."

Then I saw that one more piece of my new utensil started to rust which made me remember that I need to contact Gibson again to see if they received my e-mail yet. The answer, NO! They never received it and the person I left the message with never even researched it! According to the new rep I talked to, they don't just replace their defective products, which meant weeks of waiting for me! And this is my only set of utensils right now and it's almost Christmas! Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!

We were also feeding the missionaries tonight, but they forgot, so my hubby picked them up and the food was already cold by the time we got started. I felt so bad feeding them cold food. I think I made up for it with three different kinds of chocolatey treat though... :D

Even with a great evening with the missionaries, I am still looking for my keys, stressing over tomorrow's schedule and still waiting to have our Christmas newsletters out.


Such is life during the holidays...

But of course, it is also a good day because... it's Aunt Kate's birthday!!!

How was your day?

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