Monday, December 8, 2008

Chocolatey Christmas (17 days to go...)

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Hello again!

Tonight was grocery night, so things were just as hectic. I needed to find a story that would be fun, short and sweet.

Well, I got all three!

It's called "The Chocolate Christmas Story" by Adele in Taiwan (that's the name of the site).

Anyway, it's a short story, fun and sweet because it substitutes the names of actual chocolates! Most are made by Cadbury, so you may not be familiar with them (we weren't), but it reminded me of why we always have tons of chocolate at Christmas time (aside from the fact that I love it!)...

Jesus is our King, and when royalty visits, you can't help but feel that you must bring out your fineries. Well, in chocolate speak in my house that means finding the best cookie/chocolate we can find.

Story: The Chocolate Christmas Story

Activity: Find images of chocolates mentioned and show pictures when it gets mentioned in the story.

Here's our "fineries"... Yum!
What do you think of our stash?

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