Friday, December 12, 2008

Coaching Update & Big Moon (13 Days to go...)

Today, I found out that there was a pizza party for the UIL participants, coaches and parents. So, even though I am somewhat sick, I showed up since I didn't for the awards ceremony.

Megan was so happy to see me, we gave each other a hug and I was so happy for her that I twirled her around!

This is what I found out from the two teacher coordinators about UIL and how the Ready Writing category is judged:

1. This year, 7 schools competed, including us
2. The other 6, all had the 3 maximum kids competing in their teams.
3. Our school had no money for UIL because they weren't sure if they were going to compete.
4. The judges chose the best 6 out of all the competitors, so Megan's was the best out of 19 essays!

Megan couldn't believe her ears when we told her that she beat out 18 kids! She thought that each category was judged per school, and since she was the only one from our school, she thought that it was for that. She was so happy to know that her writing won because it was the best!

Some of the PTA moms and the coordinators were very proud of the both of us, and encouraged both of us to "team up" again.

You know, I just might agree to that... :D

Tonight, because of my Math finals, we only had time to fetch some new Christmas lights and watch the movie Elf.

Activity: Be together and watch a Christmas movie of your choice

(Elf, the movie)

Oh, yeah, have you seen the moon tonight? It was 14% bigger since it was closer to the earth. Right outside our door, its beam created a massive ring that feathered out at the bottom. It was an awesome sight!
(Can you see the ring and the feathering?)

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Lara said...

The moon was surprisingly huge last night, and just beautiful!