Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MM #3: She Put Music On

Charlie and I were trying to figure how to end our newsletter when he remembered an incident about Ian at school.

Apparently a few months ago, Ian came home with a notation on his homework folder instead of a "good behavior" stamp. It clearly said, "Dancing in class". Charlie saw it first because he picked up Jasmine and Ian from school. So, of course, Charlie asked what happened.

Charlie: Ian, is this true, you were dancing in class?

Ian: Yes, Daddy... (sad, got-caught face being displayed)

Charlie: Were you supposed to be dancing in class?

Ian: No, Daddy... (the sad face still there)

Charlie: Well, if you knew that, why did you dance in class?

Ian: (surprised face) Daddy, she put music on!

You see, it's clearly not his fault! He was just following the natural thing to do when music's on. :D

I asked Lisa this morning if she can take the kids to the bus stop because I'm still a little stuffed up. After about 15 minutes, she comes down asking me for something.

Lisa: Mommy, can I borrow your bootalon?

Me: What?

Lisa: You know Mommy, your bootalon? (pointing at my legs)

Me: What is a bootalon?

Lisa: Mommy, isn't bootalon Tagalog for boots?

Me: No, but you just combined the word "boots" and "pantalon" (Tagalog for pants)!

Lisa: (Lol) Well, can I borrow your bootalon?

Me: Ok, I guess you can borrow my bootalon...

This girl can't remember much Spanish, much less Tagalog, but she can certainly adapt the words that she does remember... :D

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