Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A blog is like a box of chocolates...'ll never know what you're gonna get.

I've recently recovered from an ear infection and a chest cold that seemed never ending, but now, I've been plagued with migraine headaches. To distract myself so I wouldn't seem so lazy from not being able to move an inch without tipping over, I either "buck up" and just get things done or stay put and "ride it out" until I beg for my Excedrin. Well, one of those "ride out" sessions, I chose to BLOG HOP so I can be updated on my friends' blogs and their life adventures. Boy, did I get a mix!

I love how though each of us have different lives, living on different parts of the neighborhood, city, state and even country, we are all women that "LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE". Through our blogs, we connect, celebrate and lift each other up with comments of hope, love and friendship.

I've been having good Fall memories; some have funny tales while others' missive seem to beckon for my own personal reflection, but sometimes, I find myself reading about pain and loss...

Two of the blogs share tragedies; one was about a young girl that left a permanent void in her loved ones' hearts, and the other, about one who chose to live without rules, who crossed paths with my brother-in-law,while he was a passenger in the car this man hit. Both souls were summoned back to heaven; but their impact in our lives are much different- the young 16-year old who left a grieving fold of relatives will never be forgotten as her short life will be celebrated in those who will come yet. To the 29-year old who died because he chose to lead a risky life, his passing will bring an awkward comfort to those he'll leave behind and a sense of safety to the community he hid from because of his reckless behavior. Both souls will be in heaven, to be judged individually, but shown equally, the unconditional love that only Heavenly Father can offer through His son, Jesus Christ.

I am immensely grateful for Heavenly Father in protecting my brother-in-law and his friend; Gary is a great husband to his wife Kate, a wonderful father to Taryn and Carter and a faithful servant of the Lord. Though he was shaken from the accident, his faith in the Lord and his love for his family has no doubt been strenghtened a million times over. But my heart is equally heavy for my friend who lost her niece because this beautiful girl looks so much like my own niece, Taryn, whom I love very much... Ever since I saw her as a baby, I wanted to be a part of her life; it made my resolve stronger to be a Mathews so I can be her aunt, someone she knows who loves her. If anything happened to her, my heart will certainly be ripped again into a million pieces. She is like my own, though time and life doesn't always allow for me to prove that to her. My sister-in-law and her husband are doing a great job with her; she's growing up to be a beautiful, smart girl and I couldn't be more "WELL PLEASED" with her. My children are my life, and that includes Taryn...

I love and am grateful for my friends and their wonderful blogs; I hope that my comments in theirs convey that.

Ladies, consider this a gigantic hug from me to all of you, for all that you are, for all that you do.


The Fowers said...

Sorry you've been sick!!
The pumpkin patch is in Flower Mound off of Main. Fun!

Hansonpatch said...

Carolyn, One of the reasons that I was so upset you guys were moving to Texas was because in Relief Society you always had such beautiful comments. Your entry touched me and made me tearful again remembering just how sweet you are and how in tune with the spirit you are. I am so grateful you are my friend, and I pray that your brother will be 100% soon. My heart goes out to all of those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. I am so grateful for the atonement! Can you imagine life without it?