Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hilarious Halloween

"It's done! It's coming! It's a bubble!"
(Our witches' brew had too much umph!)
Notice the porcelain cauldron?
Nothing but the best for this witch!

I know it's not October 31st anymore, but hey, there's no law against late posting is there? If there is, I can honestly say this is my first offense (give or take two or three).

As you remember, I didn't want to buy any NEW costumes, so my kids went as these:
Our very own Halloween doll...

Is she an Angel or a Winter Fairy? Either way, too cute!

And a starving French Artist
(who has a mustache, a brush and a color palette that's MIA; probably sold it for a morsel of baguette)!

We were fortunate enough to have Matt and Cori Adams join us as a Chinese swordsman and as a Red Lady Ninja. With them and our crew, the laughs just kept coming!

I think I better let the pictures, show you...

Matt and Jasmine realizing that a sword on the lap may not be a good idea while Ian and Cori patiently waited for the flash

Warriors without a war, so...

they might as well look like they're tough!

Charlie's costume, "the man who pokes his eye out".

There's no mirror outside, so Ian had his "mustache" take a solo picture for its own posterity!

So, how was your Halloween?

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House of Hansons said...

I lOVE IT!! I found the starving french artist to be especially unique and what a great idea! I can't beleive how grown up Lisa is looking, and when in Jasmine NOT an angel? Adorable!!! The swordsman and the ninja look a little tooo real. Do they actually study martial arts? Of course who can top the man who pokes his eye out? You have inspired me and I will post my pictures as soon as I upload them. ;-)