Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Fall Tradition

All of us have some sort of fall tradition, but since we, the Mathews, are an Asian/Caucasian household, we have a few very fun family traditions during Fall, mainly for Thanksgiving.

1) We make sure that Thanksgiving is in honor of my dh Charlie's culture since it is an American iconic tradition. I go all out and make our table as special as we can get it with what we can afford that year. We use the same dishes, but with different European or American twist.

2) Our two main drinks are apple cider and mango pineapple, to show our multicultural side.

3) We read seasonal picture books and watch movies and shows; for me, it's HGTV.

4) No more turkey for us since moving to Arizona and it's just the five of us. Even a breast of turkey is too big. So, we use cornish game hens instead. The individual mini roasters make it a little more fun to eat without waiting for anyone to cut it to smaller pieces; and the kids love choosing which part of the game hens they want to tackle first.

5) We have a fun time going around the neighborhood looking for freshly fallen colorful leaves that we either use to make welcome signs or to help decorate our table. While looking for the leaves, we take pictures or videos, going on a little picnic and seeing our colorful treasures of Fall.

This year, we took so much pictures, we had to show it in a slide.

What are your family Fall traditions?

I'd love to hear about them, as you know, I'm all about great ideas!


Mandi said...

I LOVE the individual cornish game hen idea! I'm going to have to do that next year. This year the Turkey isn't my responsibility, so I'm not worried about it.

Hansonpatch said...
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Hansonpatch said...

O.K, I leave the room for one minute and my SIX year old deletes my comment so let me begin again. Most of my fall traditions revolve around cooking, and school. I always want to study American History this time of year and pay particular attention to the revolution. I also always think of coming home to a warm house in Fairbanks Alaska and walking into the beautiful smells of my moms kitchen. When I moved to Arizona fall was the season most missed, and I have found that what brings me joy is in the preparation of these familiar favorites; carmel corn made from scratch, My grandma Molde's sugar cookies, apple cider with cinnamon sticks, hot cocoa, my moms spaghetti(still the best around), apple pie, candied apples, CORNISH GAME HENS ;-), cranberry muffins, canned cherries, and clementine oranges. The clementines were a luxury and were freighted overnight from "the lower 48" as we natives called them. They would sell them by the box, and my mom would always purchase them even though they were crazy expensive(pretty cheap in AZ now though). My mom made this time of year special. She always managed to keep our home peaceful, warm, fun, and full! In her homemaking I am incomparable! I wish that I had half of her ability to organize and keep a home. Fall is what it is to me because of two parents who provided "a refuge from the world", and teachers who made my life full through their knowledge (and patience).

CC said...

I love your traditions of cooking with your parents... I taught myself how to cook, so hearing stories like your is amazing to read.