Monday, November 3, 2008

The GLASSES that haunted me...

You all know that deals abound after the holidays, right? Well, I do! Because... I loooove the holidays and... I collect dishes! (Whoa, that felt good to share!)

So... Since moving to a smaller place last summer, I know that the extent of my Halloween decor would be the gel window cling that kept getting thrashed when we opened the window. It lasted about two days.

Anyway, back to this Halloween season... About mid-September, I walked into Kroger's (Fry's for some of you), and was minding my own business when these Halloween glasses caught my eye. I had to stop, pick one up (ok, maybe I salivated a little too) then force myself to put it back on the shelf. They are so cute!!! I wanted to buy them then and there, but thank goodness for my husband's voice in my head going, "no, no, no!", I managed to put it back with my dignity intact. Well, you'd think that was it, considering it was tucked away on one shelf, there were only 12 of them and Halloween is weeks away! But from then on, I couldn't stop thinking about the cute yet haunting decor carefully painted on each tall straight clear container! Everytime I heard the word "Halloween", I wanted to run back inside Kroger's and grab these glasses! (Did I mention there were only 12 of them?!)

Of course, Charlie knew of my obsession with these glasses and was kind enough to steer me away from them by taking me to either Wal-Mart or Albertson's across the street (which has nothing worth buying, Halloween wise). To continue, life got busy and midterms occupied all my lobes (read previous blogs) and my kids had a social calendar taller than I am. But the glasses kept haunting me. I had to have them; which baffled me considering I was the first person to say that we didn't need real dishes for Halloween. Well, November 1st rolls around and Charlie had to get gas after chauffering all the kids, again! I kindly asked if I can take a look at these glasses again (quite sure now that they'd be all gone, since as I've mentioned before, there were only 12!)

I confidently went in and was rather shocked that all the Halloween items were on this big clearance table after only one day. By now, my heart is beating fast, both hoping they were there and that someone already bought them. I slowly circled the table and "lo and behold", there they were- but I only saw 10! I asked the nearby cashier for the price break and was informed that everything are 50% off. Yes!!! I immediately claimed all 10 and as I was grabbing the last two, I spotted the other two! I couldn't believe it, I'm staring at the same 12 glasses that invaded my thoughts for over a month and now they'll be mine! I felt the instant relief and at that moment, I knew the haunting was over...

Now before I show you the glasses, let me show you the other deals I got! (Scroll slowly, don't spoil the surprise)

Party supplies
Originally totaled $9.00, paid $2.00

Haunted House cupcake dish
Originally $17.99, paid $4.50

Bat-handled candy dish
Originally $12.99, paid $3.25

Halloween Welcome Sign
My ultimate reward for getting the glasses,
originally $6.99, paid $0.00!
(FREE; because they mislabeled it twice (as you can see), but charged me only half-price, so when I went to return it, the customer service rep, gave me my money back and even apologized! Yes!)

Here it is, the glass design that haunted me since mid-September...
This "flying witch on a full moon" Libbey glass,
only cost me 75 cents each!
That's only $9 for 12! (The other 11? Tucked away safely...)

I can't wait to have a Halloween party next year! That is if we're not starting over again somewhere else in the US!


Ma and Pa said...

Love it! Way to go. Thanks for sharing the great story... wait it out and you get what you want. YEA!!

Hansonpatch said...

Wow Carolyn, something else we have in common. I didn't find the cute glasses, but I am obsessed with dishware as well! You are right that did feel good to say! Love it! By the way I started a different blog because I am changing from a yahoo account to gmail. It is and email is you really got some fabulous deals!