Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Memory Maker #1: The Faucet Kept Running

Jasmine: "Mommy, what happened when A LETTUCE, A TOMATO and A FAUCET entered a race?"

Me: "What?"

Jasmine: "Well, the lettuce is ahead, the tomato is trying to ketchup, while the faucet kept running!"

I busted up laughing, but I guess the joke was meant exclusively for me because between the two of us, I was the only one who thought it was funny...

I want to capture more of these moments while my children are young and their funny bones are at its peak. So, starting tonight, when you see this balloon happy face, and the title, Memory Maker, it's about what our funny children came up with...

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Hansonpatch said...

I love it, tell Jasmine that I just told Caitlin and Rorie her joke and they are still laughing. What a good idea to write down the funny things they say!