Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet, sweet 16...

Before we left for church

What better way to celebrate your birthday, much less your much awaited "SWEET 16", than to wake up on a beautiful Fall Sabbath day surrounded by family, friends and leaders who care about you?

That is the lucky fate of our beautiful Lisa Monique.

TODAY, Sunday, November 9th, she turned 16 and started off her birthday at church. I arrived in their classroom just as their teacher, Sis. Bills (wearing glasses) was wrapping up a wonderful lesson on living honestly. All the girls kindly obliged and posed with Lisa followed by another great shot with the wonderful leaders in the room.

Afterwards, she gorged on Breakfast fare for lunch and made wishes on a delicious cupcake.

Why only cupcake, well, this coming Friday, she'll be partying with her friends and that's when the real cake comes in.

YESTERDAY, we crammed lunch, mall shopping and haircut to kickoff her special day in about 4 hours. The highlight, finding another color Converse sneakers to add to her collection, along with more new cute clothes from two new places- Aeropostale and Anchor Blue. Of course, it wouldn't be a fun shopping trip if we didn't visit PacSun, Hot Topic, Bath and Body Works, and a given, Ross. (Oh, my aching feet...)

Before the haircut; inside China King Buffet. The food was delicious! Great find, Dad!

After the haircut with her great burgundy Aeropostale hoodie on. "I don't normally like burgundy, but that color is amazing!"

"Mommy, this is chocolate brown, that one is just brown."
(referring to the shade I was holding up)

Thanks to Jasmine and Ian, Lisa had two beautiful greeting cards; one was signed by those who cherished her company. Jasmine was quite diligent (also sneaky) in having the card signed-that's my Jasmine!)

Happy Sweet 16, baby, the fun isn't over yet.
We love you and wish you all the best!

That cupcake was so delicious and pretty.

Taken at exactly 9:35 PM, the time she was born

"Super check!" It's an AC DEC thing.

"Lisa in the hizzhouse!"

I love days like this where no matter how stressful it gets, you have a memory path worth going back to so you can have a better outlook in life.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!! Wow 16 years old!!! Now you can go on dates, drive!!

CC said...

From Sheila: "I can't believe she is getting so big!"