Monday, November 24, 2008

Tablesetting or Tablescape?

After trying to find a great idea on how to dress up our Thanksgiving table this year, I came across where they repeatedly attacked Sandra Lee for the term tablescape, her cooking with pre-packaged foods and of course, her chest.
How much time do people have to kill to come up with such a website? I think Sandra found a way to be unique and save time in the kitchen. If these people were somehow disappointed with some of her recipes, I still don't see the need to attack her in such demeaning ways.
Anyway, back to tablesetting vs. tablescape issue- I find the term tablesetting too rigid, one rule, one style to use over and over again, while the term tablescape gives you a visual of "what could be" on your table. Your creativity is not stifled in any way. A fitting way to describe that tables do not have to be flat, rigid and formal.



Hansonpatch said...

I never wanted a white kitchen until I saw hers. It is so easy for her to transition to a new motif or season, and it always looks so great. Maybe they should do a show with her just designing tables and kitchens? Then I could get more ideas and really learn about TABLESCAPES...thats right I said it people the word is TABLESCAPES! So, Carolyn give us a hint at your tablescape! I was just doing a dry run with my dishes tonight, and I am using a dessert bar on the side. I can't pick a centerpiece, so I need to investigate some options.

CC said...

Thanks! You always know how to make my day a little better.