Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I need to remind ME...

Sometimes, even with a big calendar staring you in the face AND a planner that goes with you everywhere, you still can't get it all together. At least that's what I feel like everyday lately.

I am so grateful for the well wishes and offers of help, but until December 15 rolls around and I've got proof that I passed all of my classes, I will have to rely on a list similar to below, which I'll need to make every week, to keep my sanity intact and my brain from any spontaneous combustion.

Here's what my schedule is like for this week:
(Of course, getting the kids up, fed, washed and homeworks checked, are all part of each day; I'm sure all of you can relate...)
(Also, if my calling "calls" for a meeting this week, I need to fit that in also. FUN!)


- Tutor at Rosemeade for 3 hours in the AM,
- Do two homeworks, read a magazine article and 2 chapters
(Good thing it's about Memory stengthening)
- Laundry
- Make pork roast (to portion into different dishes)
- Take the car in for repairs to get ready for winter
- Sign school papers

Wednesday, Nov. 5th

- Review for Math midterm on Friday, 5 chapters
- Do kids' laundry
- Take down Halloween decor (thank goodness, just window clings and table decor)
- Coach Ready Writing UIL (3:15-3:45)
- Watch a friend's kid for an hour or two
- Help Jasmine with pillow projects
- Help Jasmine start her mandatory school, not class, book project
- Start report on Practicum results at Rosemeade ES
- Do personal mani/pedi for tutoring (appearance and hygiene; big part of Practicum credits!)

Thursday, Nov. 6th

- Tutor at Rosemeade ES for 3 hours
- Charlie, dentist appt.
- Get Lisa's 16th bash invite materials
- Review for Math midterm
- Do Math HW for chapter 6
- Edit Jasmine's book project pre-write
- Finish Lisa's bday invite
- Help Ian review his part for the November Primary program

Friday, Nov. 7th

- Jasmine, dentist appt.
- Make sure Lisa brings bday invite for school friends
- Review math equations for midterm
- Jasmine and Ian- pick up early
- Tutor at Rosemeade ES for 4 hours (PM)
- Take Math midterm at library
- Take Math test for chapter 6
- Read Psychology Journal homework

Saturday, Nov. 8th

- Take Lisa out for bday haircut & clothes
- Take Lisa out for bday lunch
- Bake Lisa bday cupcakes (Fall colors)
- Take tons of bday photos for family and friends
- Make bday dinner (Tocino(sweetened pork), rice and veggies)
- Wash linens and dishes for Thanksgiving
- Setup for Thanksgiving tablescape and decor photo shoot
- Finish up two of three Practicum reports for credit
- Turn in Psychology journal for HW credit
- Catch some fave shows to rest brain!

(I exhale with Facebook and my blogs, so really, I'm A-OK!, though I wouldn't mind getting some sound advice on time management...)

I look forward to ending on December 15th, rest until early May and then attend my graduation commencement in Phoenix; hopefully with honors...

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