Monday, November 17, 2008

The Birthday, The Bestfriend & The Bash

Lisa's invite for this year
This is her signature invitation, a scroll tied with a bow since she was 12 years old. She's used it for her White Elephant, Back to School, End of School, and of course, Birthday parties!

I meant to post this (seriously!) when it actually happened last Saturday, the 15th, but our day ended at midnight and my eyes said, "shut them!"

We couldn't have a BIRTHDAY party without the BESTFRIEND, so we waited until we can secure a date to fly her out.

Shelby Wagner, Lisa's Arizona BFF for several years now, arrived on the 14th, partied on the 15th and attended Sacrament with us on the 16th before heading home back to AZ.
(In front of Hebron High before Lisa's Choir Dessert Concert)

Here's how these two normally are:





and... mushy!

But if you remember from my last post, Lisa's 16th still had a BASH to conquer, so we chose November 15th and the nearby city park with the theme,
"Flag Football in the Park".

Well... The park did not quite work out; we headed out at 10:30A, got there to winds that felt like 30mph and temperature in the 30s! We froze! It hurt to look straight out or even speak.

We finally gave up when we couldn't even pin down the table cloth using duct tape! At about 2:25P, after being defeated by the wind, we decided to move the party indoors, back to our apartment!
"Oh, did I mention that the party is at 3:00?"

This cake was inspired by the necklace pendant that these two girls exchanged before we left AZ for TX. At Kohl's, they found two of the same pendant, each bought one,then gave it to each other as their BFF parting gift. It sure strengthened their friendship, just like a dragon.This was supposed to be 25 cupcakes, but the baker messed up. Oh, well; we'll just have to eat this delicious, definitely bigger, half vanilla/half chocolate, $6 cheaper 1/2 sheet cake! Oh, well... :D

This is how it went:
Lisa had to call all the people that RSVP'd to tell them that the party got moved to our place and confirm that they know our address. Then, as soon as Charlie arrived from picking up Ian from a birthday party, we drove home and scrambled to get everything up before everyone arrived!

At the apartment...
Lisa under her birthday banner (which was actually the last thing we put up!)

First, they played with Wii's Mario Kart...

Then,they played a Filipino game called "Musical Newspaper", but no newspaper, so we played "Musical Towel" instead.
First,you and a partner dance around a fully opened newspaper (or towel) until the music stops. When it does, you need to quickly get on the paper together, and wait until a judge clears your team.
Then, fold the paper in half, wait for the music to start and do it all over again until the paper is so small, you and your partner have to imitate a Chinese acrobat to stay on the paper for 3 whole seconds!

The winner got the privilege of wearing a turkey head strap and the winning towel as a cape!

Sadie, Kyla, and Lisa with Ian... Kyla was the partner of each girl, so she got to wear the winning towel! Congratulations!!!

Then, there's the "Make-Up Session"... They used their faces as canvases and created some cool artwork!
The boys went first; the 4 girls paired up into two after the boys blindly pointed at them. Thanks to Lisa's friend Kyla, we had enough make-up to do this fun game.

Before the assault... Can't you tell they're excited to do this?



After 5 long minutes...

Here's their artwork; but who won?
Daniel did, look, he's in shock!

Our esteemed judge, my dh of course, Charlie!

The girls didn't escape the artistic prowess of the boys;
I gotta be fair, right?
How do you think they did?

Of course, they needed to get Lisa back, she is the birthday girl after all...

Nice work, boys!
A group shot is mandatory...
Thanks everyone for being such good sports!

Well, there is still a Choir Concert and a Stake Dance to go to, so time to clean up!
The following pictures were after a short stint at Petland with Shelby while Lisa's at her concert and Daniel changed at his house. We all met up at the highschool, came back to our place and waited for the girls to finish looking and smelling gorgeous.

Do they look ready for the dance now?

Daniel, Lisa's school friend and former AcDec classmate, was able to come and enjoy the Stake Dance along with Shelby and Lisa. What a great missionary opportunity.

They had such a great time, I laughed till my sides hurt, and Lisa had the best Sweet 16 BASH that we could come up with in 30 minutes!

Another successful party under my belt, not bad, not bad at all...
If you were wondering where I was, I was the main photographer, DJ, Host and also acting judge, on top of the obvious stressed out, stretched out mom! Why you ask?
I don't believe in teenagers partying on their own, so I personally supervise all of Lisa's parties, provide wholesome games and get to know her friends in the process. Now, the question is, will I be able to do this when Ian and Jasmine are teenagers?


Mandi said...

OK, musical newspaper sounds like tons of fun! We will have to try that some time. Happy 16th, Lisa!

Steph B said...

Looks like a great party. I hope Lisa had a great 16th she will always remember.

Ma and Pa said...

You are such a fun mom... I think a party like that would stress me out!

MnM said...

She is so cute and looks so happy. Sounds like a fun party... I love how you go with the flow and improvise when things don't always go the way you hoped!

CC said...

That's one of Lisa's staple games on every party. Her friends actually request it so any new invited friends get swept in the fun while trying to learn the rules. I grew up with the game, during festivals and block parties in the Philippines.

farmerswife17 said...

Sounds like the party was a hit! Great job!!! Too much stress for me, I don't know I could have done all that in one day! My toddler wears me out!