Friday, October 3, 2008

Adventurous Fall

If you're wondering about the big gap in blogging, I can explain that...
1. Been busy with genealogy on my mom's side.
2. Been busy trying to get my family, mainly my kids, back into school time routine.
3. Been busy not getting too excited that this is my last semester before my AAEE degree.
4. Been busy finding names on my mom's side of the family in Facebook. Found quite a few!
5. Been busy listening to my teen's highschool adventure.
6. Been busy catching up with my shows: CSI(all series), BONES, MEDIUM, NCIS, NUMB3RS,HOUSE and BIONIC WOMAN.
7. Been busy helping at the kids' school and applying to observe a class in the nearby district.
8. Been busy keeping peace at the bus stop in the mornings.
9. Been busy trying to get rid of extra boxes in the apartment,and lastly,
10.Been busy trying not to go insane!!!

How about you, how's your few weeks been?

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