Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Season, New Everything!

So we've had this old couch for two years now (we bought it from a friend), and it is on its last legs... Cece, our diva of a cat has already scratched the front of the right arm so bad that no amount of chenille can patch it up! Before that, our fireplace was found to not have been coated with a protective sealant, hence the paint peeled off slowly but surely. Our coffee table, though big enough to serve as a small dinner table, also takes up too much of our small living room and the legs' screws keep getting loose. So what do we do?

Fireplace- watched the guy scrape off the remaining cracked paint and do his job properly. The result, a beautiful textured facade for our fireplace! Now, if only we have time to clean the inside before it gets too cold... Time to stock up on Java logs!

Couch- we have yet to replace it but we found a good candidate, so we'll see!

Coffee Table- is being thrown away as we speak. We found a roomy ottoman to take its place without choking our small living room.

Of course, with Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, the whole living and dining areas are getting a festive overhaul.

I love autumn and winter, they are my two favorite seasons and my family gets a kick out of my determined efforts to truly celebrate these seasons. What does that mean? More food and fun times, of course!

Happy Autumn!

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