Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miracle of Conference or Growing Up?

Ian and Jasmine after General Conference, sitting on our new coffee table/toy storage

Today, we had thoroughly enjoyed being home, watching the 178th General Conference on BYU TV. We loved hearing from the prophet and his chosen speakers. Anyway, towards the end, Jasmine confidently makes this assessment, "Mommy, I used to think that General Conference went on for a long time, but now, it's really not that bad." All I can say was, "That's right, it's always been two hours each session" and she said, "yeah, but it's not that bad".

I guess when it comes to teaching your family "good things", the slow but sure nature of it seems never ending to a child, but consistency and faith will definitely result in more, "Mommy,... i'ts really not that bad".

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