Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opposites Do Attract...

In honor of our 12th wedding anniversary, I thought I'd share some amusing facts about Charlie and I.

1. Charles (means manly) is a British adapted name while Carolyn (means beautiful woman) is an American adapted name(British is Caroline), though both origins are German.
2. He played with store-bought toys, I only had homemade paper dolls.
3. Charlie doesn't like to be called Charles, I don't like to be called by my nickname, unless you're family.
4. We met on August 25, 1993, dated exclusively on September 25, 1993, he proposed on July 31, 1996 and we married on October 26, 1996. (Can you say procrastination ruled?)
5. I turned him on to Star Trek Enterprise while he reunited me with 80s techno music.
6. He's been LDS all his life, for me,I started with, "LDS, what's that?".
7. I was single with a daughter, he was just single (typical LDS gentleman).
8. Back in 1971, he came out in January, I came out in December.
9. His favorite color is orange, mine is purple. (Yup! Opposite again)
10. He lived in Northwest America, I came from Southeast Asia.

And here's the kicker... I dreamt about him since I was 9 and learned about his name from a perfume bottle, while HE was told that he'll fall for a Filipina, when he was 19, just before he left for his mission- to the Philippines, and to where my father grew up!

We may be opposites, but we compliment each other so well that it becomes the highlight of our marriage. How cool is that?!

We do have similarities worth noting, but it's not as much fun to list. :)

Can you say we belong together? (Ok, this is where all the "awww!"s come in...)

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