Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's official, it's been 12 years!

I know today's Sunday, but this is our actual anniversary day, October 26th. Twelve years ago, Charlie and I were wed at the Oakland LDS temple in California. I'm so glad that we lasted this long; our pictures now look so much better than our wedding ones!

Anyway, this anniversary slowly evolved into a little big deal- planning, shopping, arranging and not to mention getting over an ear infection and chest cold! We don't go out much on our own so this date is not only to celebrate our anniversary, but the sheer accomplishment that we've found time to go on a date! (I know what you're thinking, "how can I say that we don't normally go out?" Well, it just worked out like that the last twelve years. Going out for us always had a purpose other than romantic reconnection, so there; you have kids don't you? You know what I'm talking about!)

So let me take you back to how our last two days were like to get ready for this "momentous" event we call our 12th wedding anniversary...

- I was still sick but had to take a midterm, so I made sure that there was nothing on the calendar but my pathetic attempt at reviewing with "muffled eardrums" and snotty nasal passages. Sexy, huh?

- 4 hours later of no retention success (panic setting in...), I had to break the routine so I got on the Wii Fit. It was so happy that I remembered to use it again within two days (after 85 days of ignoring it), it said, "IMPRESSIVE!" (At least I'm doing something right!)

- Charlie's still asleep; good, more quiet time for me... I tried the "brain activities they laid out in the text. Did you know that you can see soundwave? Try this: listen to any sound, focus on it then close your eyes, lightly tap on the right eye and see something flash from the left eye to your right eye. That's a sound wave! Very cool! Tired brain made a connection!

-Kids arrive and I start to see if I remembered anything after 8 hours of studying. Lisa quizzed me and I failed! (Panicking imminent... Aaahhh!) Not good, so I had to calm down and take a warm shower, relax, sing and next thing I knew, I was spitting out most of what I studied! Yay, me!

-We head straight for the Dallas Public library where I was to take my test (running late, panicking again...) I look up when Charlie stopped at a light, and we were at the wrong branch! Aaahh!!! ( I looked at the clock and it said, "ha, ha, you're late now...") All I could focus on is calling Lisa to make sure she heated up the dinner I made Wednesday night and add the napa cabbage, cut 1-inch long strips. Panicking some more...

-Apologized profusely to my proctor, the beautiful and awesome Mary Jo Giudice, took my test and felt blanking out (panicking again!). Longest 1 hour of my week!

-Quickly came home and had a quick dinner, well mainly inhaled dinner because I couldn't stop my heart from beating 150 miles a minute. I was so sure I failed my test!

-Lied down, made sure everyone's finishing up for bedtime, gathered all to pray then Charlie went to work, and I focus on my next midterm- aaaahhhhh! (Yes, I'm still panicking!)

-Couldn't sleep, so what do I do, I tweak our Thanksgiving dinner one more time.

- Charlie took the kids to the bus stop and let me sleep in- TOO LONG!! Woke up at 11 am (Midterm @ 5 pm); haven't reviewed anything yet (streams of tears and declaration of stress coming out in muffled tones).

- Charlie felt so bad he slept on the couch to make sure I was ok and so he wouldn't go on a deep sleep just in case I needed anything. (I was still snotty and "muffled" from my ear infection).

- Couldn't focus so I just highlighted everything on the text that the study guide prompted. Will read later...

- Found out I did great on my Thursday midterm. Yay me, again!

- Lisa had a half day; had to tell her to be quiet several times-she had a good day. (Sorry, baby!)

- Picked up Jasmine from doing Safety Patrol, but no Ian! He took the bus; completely forgot that we were picking him up. (Panicking again!)

- Quickly returned back home to see Ian's panicked (sad then relieved) face when we pulled up.

- My ears finally "popped"! Yes, I'm getting better! (Yuck, more meds...)

- Turned around and headed to south Dallas to take my other midterm, but got there very hungry. Good thing, we were at the mall. Found yummy food, again inhaled!

- Told Jo about my test on Thursday, she's now officially my lucky charm, again, actually. I've done well with all of my tests with her as my proctor. How awesome is that?

- Took my test; somewhat panicked, but survived it! Whew! (Don't know how I did... Ok, panicking again...)

- Lisa and I cruised the mall by ourselves for 15 minutes; she told me everything on her half-day schedule. (Everything's back to normal. Aahhh...)

- Ian found his "chosen" Hot Wheels car that he's been hunting down for weeks! Of course it's about $1 more than normal, but he's been very patient, he earned it.

- Told Charlie we are headed next to Frisco- IKEA specifically because I needed a low and spacious bookshelf to house all of our living room extras. Found it right away. Yay me!

- Went to Ross afterwards; Lisa needed outfits for Sunday and her upcoming Choir concert. More $$ out the door... (bye...)

- Jasmine found a nice top and great Sunday shoes. Everybody covered; I think...

SATURDAY (The Day of the Date):
- Lisa had an AC/DEC competition, left the house @ 7:20 a.m.

- More shopping; Charlie finally grabbed a new wallet, and he really likes it. Great job, mahal!

- Also found two new casual shirts. Finally!

- I found the rest of my outfit for our date that evening, so we went home and relaxed.

- Had late lunch and a couple hours to get ready while Charlie picked up Lisa so she can babysit.

The rest, well... You didn't think I'd tell all, did you?

Only hint: Maggiano's for a romantic dinner

We were helping Lisa test out the camera

After we got all our "sillies" out...

What a great looking duo, huh?

Charlie and I are crazy about each other, but more than that, we are crazy about our children, so times like these, it's a big deal to us. We had a great time and we even remembered to get Lisa a gift card before we came back home. Afterall, it is her anniversary too; it was the day we became a family...


House of Hansons said...

Wow Carolyn your a hottie! That is such a cute picture of you both. I was feeling your stress level just reading about the two days before your date! Congrats on your Thursday Midterm, and I am sure Fridays was a great success as well. Love your purse by the way. I am glad you got to go out! Both Ryan and I forgot our anniversary this year..Oops! Oh, well maybe next year we can try to follow your excellent example ;-)

farmerswife17 said...

Happy 12th anniversary Chuck and Carolyn! Wow, time flies! Great picture of you two! I love your comment about how your picture now is better than your wedding picture. I'd like to think we all get better with age. I know I'm more in love with Gary now, than on our wedding day. Well, come to think of it, I don't know that it is more, it is just a deeper love and admiration. Love you both! ~Kate