Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Jasmine's Turn...

Jasmine enjoying a cookie after a job well done...

Lisa has had fun in school choir since 4th grade back in Val Vista Elementary, but now that Jasmine's in 4th grade, it's her turn to sing her heart out!

Last night, we enjoyed an exclusive all 4th grade performance. It kept the audience small and intimate as most of the moms are volunteers, friends and PTA members/officers. The kids had an amazing time and those siblings that attended, why they were treated to some lemonade and yummy cookies!

Tuesdays are normally pretty laxed, but not yesterday (this is why I love reading my friends' blogs, they give me ideas to reflect on and reap another harvest of gratitude).

-Woke up feeling like a sick person again so Charlie had to take Ian and Jasmine to school to help him deliver his "Student of the Week" poster.

-Had to force myself to rest with my awful combo of steroid and antibiotic. I feel no hunger and not able to relax. Ears and head very clogged.

-Made sure the kids ate breakfast, got their backpacks and out the door. Thanks again, Mahal!

-Ate some more of my taco beef soup; it's still very delish!

-Forced myself to take a nap by lying down on the couch, but no such luck!

-Washed dishes and swept the kitchen floor.

-Felt a little better, was nuts enough to try the Wii Fit (after finding out that I gained 9 lbs. from my last doctor's visit)

-Felt woozy, but kids are already knocking at the door. They demanded snacks, so I shaped and baked the other portion of the dough I made the night before.

-Had to wait for Lisa to come home while making sure that Jasmine remembered to put her Choir uniform on (she changed to her playclothes)

-Had to wake up Charlie and make sure everyone got out the door as quickly as we can, no time to make dinner (didn't help that I was not breathing that well)

-Had to go to KFC and grab dinner, only they ran out of what we wanted and they forgot to add in Lisa's order, on top of that, I ordered the wrong thing for her!

-Jasmine starts to have a meltdown over her now raw nose from the progressing cold. She wanted instant relief and wouldn't take no for an answer.

-Gladly saw a Walgreen's next door from KFC, had to stop in quickly and grab Dayquil (Triaminic and the like hasn't done the job very well the last time they had colds).

-Got to school 10 minutes early; had just enough time to eat our dinner.

-Had to stop eating my dinner so I can take Jasmine in the cafeteria to find out where she needs to wait for her performance.

Here are the pictures:
Jasmine on her spot for the performance.

The stage where skits and a projector helped the audience keep up with each song.

Jasmine and Nathan Woodfield (our bishop's son and her classmate; during and after).

This is her trying to see if she has another loose tooth, while waiting for the skit to finish for the next song.

They sang about "Character Counts" and this is a "yes!" banner for being nice to others.

Mr. Drexler playing narrator

Jasmine and a friend after the great concert.

Brava! Encore! We can't wait until she performs with Lisa at her highschool in December. For November, it's Lisa's turn to belt it out again as one of the Belle Chanson all-girls' choir group.

The highlight of my day, managing to finish off the last homework before my dreaded midterms starting tomorrow! Yikes!


House of Hansons said...

Yikes Carolyn! You had a fun filled day! It is so hard to be a mom when you are not feeling well yourself. Sounds like you did great despite everything. Jasmine looks adorable! I'm sure she sings like an angel, despite having a cold herself. Now i think I will go get some lemonade it sounded good!

Life in the circus said...

Hey Carolyn! Nice to hear from you :) Your kids are growing so big! Thanks for commenting on my post so I could find you!

Eldredge Family said...

Hi Carolyn, I really miss having you in my Ward! Your girls are so pretty and your son is getting so big! My brother in law married a woman from China. She fung shui everything! Every time she comes over to my house she politely tells me how my beds or mirrors are not in the right places! I remembered you loved your home to be in order. It was easier to understand her and her culture because of knowing you! I hope you have a great Christmas season! I loved you Halloween cup story! I am like that in so many ways! I am so happy that you found the entire set! I love your gratitude list!