Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mommy, where are the costumes?


Ok, normally I'm pretty quick at deciding (or at least indulging) what my kids want to look like for Halloween, but this year, no matter how much they ranted and raved over a costume, I just didn't feel it... You know, like Halloween is still eons from now. I don't know why I felt this way (maybe because my budget is already screaming at me?), until we had to go to the storage and reclaim our winter clothes that I realized that I DIDN'T WANT ANY NEW COSTUMES! I told Jasmine that I won't be buying anybody a new costume. Unfortunately for me, that meant tears surfacing on faces and murmurings of opposition. But, with putting my foot down, I also had to raise the hand of compromise. This is what resulted from this impromptu but closed discussion:

Lisa will just wear a Halloween colored outfit- no costume, with black nail polish

Jasmine will be an angel using Lisa's old costume with pale white nail polish


Ian will be a French artist with a beret ($5) and Daddy's old white shirt splattered with Mommy's paints. His face will have drawn-on mustache along with a paint palette and a brush glued on.

Will post pictures soon - tomorrow is our Stake's Multi-Ward Trunk or Treat night. Charlie's carving two pumpkins- one for the contest and one for the "trunk".

Here's some pictures from Halloween last year- our initial Trunk or Treat participation.

Halloween 2007

Ian as Spiderman

Jasmine as Hermione

Lisa as Wednesday from the Addams Family

Charlie's masterpieces: Ghostly Jack, Giddy Jack and Cannibal Jack

I can't wait until tomorrow and see what we can come up with before we head out for our Trunk or Treat. We are also excited as we'll have two families that we love coming to have fun with us for a couple of hours! Better not forget the camera!

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