Monday, October 20, 2008

Mommy's not sick...

Today, I was officially diagnosed with Middle Ear infection on the left ear. The reason why my simple cold, turned head cold, turned chest cold, hasn't gone away! But, do I get a time off? NO! (If you thought I did, either you're not a mom yet or you have the sweetest disposition.) Of course, hubby was quick enough to help when prodded, but I wish to have been somewhat spoiled. ;)

While sick, I still...

Got everyone's schedules all sorted out
Entertained a guest with a homemade 3-course dinner
Baked sugar cookies shaped in Halloween symbols
Took the same guest to a movie and more dinners
Helped a friend pack and move some of her items
Helped find a great armoire for the same friend, free!
Was still in charge of waking up the kids
Babysat the kids so hubby can sleep
Remind hubby to take me to a doctor
Plan anniversary dinner date
Shop for new suit for hubby and dress for me for anniversary date
Make Taco Beef soup from scratch
Finish up Thanksgiving dinner menu
Do few big loads of laundry
Gave away and bought a new couch
Do two homeworks and a test
And the whole time I'm sick, still managed to guide the day so my family wouldn't end up twiddling their thumbs for lack of things to do.

Thank goodness that moms can still function at the same level most of the time even when they're sick; I know I'm grateful though equally irritated. Oh, well... That's what I signed up for, huh? I'm just glad my family's feeling better and don't have to miss school too much. Only the two little ones needed to stay home today so their cold could take a day off!

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