Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Texas Autumn...

One night we found this bunny close to our front door, so we took its picture. Despite the flash, it only leapt a few feet away. Of course, we took that as permission to take a few more. This is the best shot.

It's nice having a cool breezy day and good friends. For us, it meant the kids wanting to see the "log" peeking from one corner at one end of the big grassy field from our apartment building. Of course, it wouldn't be fun enough unless the other "residents" caught our attention.

Jas, Ian, Megan and Megan; on the log.

Monarch butterfly perched on the top of the tree behind the log.

Beautiful blue-green dragonfly rescued from under a neighbor's shoe.

They played with the hula hoop, chatted and even spooked each other about the noisy coyotes and elusive bobcat that broke the night's silence on a daily basis since late August, but they didn't care; they were having fun.

Once back inside, Megan, Ian and Jasmine continued their fun with Legos while also squeezing in some homework.

A few weeks from now, we will be decorating with mums, pumpkins, hay bales, as well as scary or silly things to wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Soon, "trick or treating" and being grateful will be the norm and the nippy weather would again be considered either friend or foe. But the best part of autumn is when nature reminds us to slow down and when friends can enjoy each other's company without much care.

How are you enjoying Fall?

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