Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

The Rosemeade Friends

Oh so cute bunch of school-goers even though the bus was over 15 minutes late. They loved having their pictures taken and hanging out with each other.

I-Dude - 1st Grade
He loves his new Polo Assn shirts, especially this yellow one. He was so excited to be in school that he woke up twice; as he remembers it, at 2:22am and at 5:00am. Lucky Mommy...

J-Pony - 4th Grade
She didn't wake up and had to be woken up several times. Her cute shirt was so cool on her that her new backpack of purple and dark grey just made it that much cuter. Her and her friends were so excited about all their new stuff that they were doing an impromptu fashion show for the parents while they waited for the late bus...

L-Infinity - High School Junior
This outfit was so cute on her that I had to insist she wear it today to set the tone. It turned out that it made the impact we both knew it would. She fit in well with both boys and girls in all her classes which made the first day of school that much more awesome as a Junior.

These little moments we enjoy with the kids (and their friends) are what our family's all about. We love our neighbors and we love seeing the children enjoy wholesome activities, even as simple as posing for a community shot.

Our children are very rich... they make friends everywhere we live and that's one treasure no one can steal from them.

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