Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meet the Teacher Night

Man, where did the time go? One day, I was almost pulling my hair out trying to figure out things for the family to do, then I blinked and "poof!", school is here again!

Today was an adventure; L-Infinity had a dentist appt at 9am, we had to go to Dallas to apply for something for me, only to find out I can do it online, then lunch and more school shopping to do! J-Pony and L needed backpacks and then back on the hunt for the elusive "18x24" construction paper... Only it was a typo, yep a mere typo that ended up wasting our precious gasoline on several occasions thinking it's really something Jasmine would need in 4th grade. I-Dude's list wasn't any easier; apparently, after the teachers have found their "chosen" primary composition notebooks, they forgot to have the list updated. We had to go to Office Depot to find this specialty notebook just to be told that they wanted a spiral bound one as opposed to the regular black marble. Aaaarrrgggghh!!!!!!

Whoever put this list together ought to attend an editing class, because it was nothing short of a "stupid, stupid mistake" on their part to have such a confusing list. And the EPI crew who put together the school packets this year, they're somewhat spaced out too, not to notice that they labeled a "12x18" white construction paper, "18x24" on their own boxes! I guess idiocy spreads during summer time when most people elect not to use their brains!

Then off to Wal-Mart for more food to store while waiting for the "First Day of School" to come around as this is when the kids choose three meals they want to start the year off with. As usual, it's "pork adobo, steamed veggies, steamed rice and V-8 Fusion juice for dinner. I'm back to making extra waffles for the freezer and even try to make orange jell-o with mandarin oranges in it so we can save money on lunches.

So... how was your day, dears?

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