Saturday, August 16, 2008

Six Flags Arlington Adventure

The front fountain

So... on August 9th, we went to Six Flags to use the two tickets that J-Pony and I-Dude earned for reading 600 minutes each last school year. (August 9th was the last day we could've used them. Yep, it was a Saturday, but our budget said that's the only time we can go, so that's when we went.)

We took along L-Infinity's school friend Daniel W. He was great with the kids and even helped Mr. Man convince L to go on some big roller coasters like the Gotham City the Ride and The Texas Giant. We also went on the "Vibora" or viper, a luge-type of a ride, the log ride that was quite disappointing (we didn't get wet, just sprinkled on) and of course, the boot ride and the fun Chaparral vintage cars ride.

Eating was an adventure itself; getting through a long line of stinky, wet, loud people was not pleasant for me at all while the prices almost made me swoon. The best part of this adventure was the fact that we had a great time, loaded up on sodas and water, enjoyed a "heart-stopping" decadent chocolate concoction from Cold Stone and having some alone time with I and J while they are having fun.

Enjoy the pictures...

DW and L while waiting to get on the Vibora ride

Mr. Man looking down from the entry stairs of the Vibora ride

I-Dude on the same stairs

J- Pony on the same stairs

J and Iwhile waiting for the Chaparral cars ride

Mr. Man and D while we waited at the Chapparal ride

D and L while waiting for the kids to ride the Batwing

Mr. Man and I-Dude


J-Pony on the bumper car ride

I-Dude on a bumper car

J-Pony and I-Dude posed in front of the batmobile while we waited for L, Mr. Man and D to get off the ride

Me and the girls rode on one log, the boys the other...

More pictures will be posted on our e-album!


CC said...

From Sheila Pajarillo:

Hi Carol...
You're pictures are very impressive. It looks like you all had a wonderful time at Six Flags. I especially enjoyed reading your family ancestry. GREAT JOB!!


CC said...

We did, we did! I just wish it wasn't so hot that day!