Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our children...

Mr. Man and I recently discovered, as in many other times, that we love our life together and aside from the fact we are head over heels over each other, our "it's a wonderful life" epiphany centers around our children. So let me share a little about each of them:

L-Infinity is our resident genius; she's been into learning everything since she managed to say "key" as her first word at five months old. Maybe because she kept on chasing after the key in the file cabinet lock while in her walker. She started reading at 2 years old and couldn't get enough of libraries. Currently, she's into AP classes, Academic Decathlon, Choir, writing her own teen fiction, Guitar Hero, created her own book review blog site and even put on a story time everyday for the neighborhood kids. We are so pleased that she hasn't been pressured with dating and has a style that many can relate to. She easily makes friends and is not afraid to tell the boys "I can't date until I'm 16, and it has to be a group date".

J-Pony is our "fun seeker" & "cowgirl". She loves swimming, going to different places (especially Grandma and Grandpa's), recently discovered chess and of course is obsessed with horses! She loves to try anything that I do as a mom and loves to find ways to spend time with Mr. Man. She loves Disney and have started to devour books as much as Lisa did at the same age. She wanted to be like her sister that when she got accepted in the advanced learning program or LEAP at school, she immediately declared, "just like L-Infinity! Cool!" She maybe adoring us, and loves to inherit L's shirts, but this girl has her own unique style and a personality that lights up any room.

I-Dude, our only son, & our baby... Even from the very beginning, he's decided that we are going to fall in love with him and we haven't stopped yet! He loves life and has enough energy to put the Energizer bunny to shame. He also recently earned the honor of being recognized as a very good reader in his Kindergarten class and he loves doodling anything that comes to mind (sometimes to our own embarassment...). His imagination and memory is amazing; he belts out songs out of nowhere and he loves hearing that he is both similar and different from his two sisters. He constantly declares that he loves his family and that we, his parents, are the best.

Now with these rap sheets, how can you not feel "well pleased"? We do go through our "heavy" moments, but we are first and foremost a "goofy and weird" family that most neighbors either judge as odd or endearing. We still don't care about what others think. What we have is great and the love we share is eternal. That's what matters to us, thanks to our three precious gems...

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