Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Grateful For... #14

Cute and Modest clothing!!! They make any beautiful young woman shine that much brighter!

(L wasn't keen on the camera snapping away...)

Tonight, L-Infinity, Kila and her new beau, Alex, went to the Stake Youth Dance and of course, I bought them new clothes (and shoes) for that! (Do I have good taste or what? ;-D)

They both look so adorable!

I did L's make-up; all that black needed just a touch of red on the lips and pink on the cheeks. Beautiful! Her new haircut goes so well with that houndstooth sweater dress and those peep toe stilletos. She looks so darling in it, the shoes complete the look and that smile is just lovely! Ross rocks!

I chose Kila's dress for modesty and the simplicity of the look. No extra frill to detract from her cute face and figure. She loves stilettos with cute fronts, just like me, so we both fell in love with that pair she has on. Alex was impressed with both ladies. I know Mr. Man and I were...

And... since I got both shoes and dresses at Ross, you know they were very inexpensive! *woot*


kado! said...

she looks cute! Well done!

....I'm thankful for any clothing modest..or not! ;) ...but i don't have a i guess that is why that thought never crosses my mind! ;)

Chandy said...

LOL, you're lucky. Less clothing headache I think!