Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Grateful For... #16

Science, especially Biology!!! Look at this experiment I tend to perform with petunias. This was from last summer. The white petunias bloomed first before the burgundy and light purple ones.
Then when the other colors started coming in... I showed my two little ones what I normally do when I have petunias to play with. ;-)
I sprinkled the pollen of these two colors into each other. Then I waited until they died down and opened up the flowers for the seeds. I sprinkled the seeds into the soil.

This was the other original plant in another pot from the same flat.
Look at the difference between the plants. I rescued this original plant by replanting it in the same soil after cleaning and aerating it. It's very spindly and is barely producing any flowers.

This is the new variety; my genetic take on petunia. The purple color was more dominant in this one rather than the burgundy, but slightly lighter in shade.
Look at how big it is and much hardier- it has endured several storms we've had since summer. This is one plant! It grew about a month after the original plants died from the first set of summer storms we had.

Learning is and should be everywhere and anytime. The world is our ultimate teacher, cherish each day you learn something. God must truly love us to give us such beauty amidst our chaotic life.


Hansonpatch said...

That is exactly what I am doing with my garden. I have never grown my own food before, and when the zuchinni grew below the flower I was astonished. I am on my fifth planting season and now I am actually harvesting and replanting. I love how connected biology makes you feel to the earth you live on.

Chandy said...

That's for sure! I love it!