Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Sweet & Bright Beginning

Reflecting on 2009, it was certainly a year of changes, starts and stops and of sheer generosity. Our children hit milestones: I-Dude, 7 and found his inner artist; J-Pony, hit the double-digit age and learned "why and how" kids her age grow up; L-Infinity, 17 and college bound. We have seen some of the most amazing examples of kindness, patience and friendship while simultaneously tried to stretch our own. I learned to bake and took on three different disciplines in Sociology. Mr. Man found himself in Chicago and Houston for work and enjoying some weekend time which has been denied us for at least six years.

Despite how it ended, 2009 has been one of our best years to reflect on. Our family's stronger for it. So how do you top that? You start it off right, of course!

I decided to make some FUDGE for the very first time- 1/2 with nuts (almond and walnuts) and 1/2 plain. (It's still cooling and solidifying in the fridge, so I had to borrow this picture).
"LaurelVChocolates dot com"

As I was quietly contemplating how 2010 would unfold for our "recovering" family, we saw this beautiful and bright moon-- illuminating the wispy clouds underneath it. It made me wonder if our future adventures will be as "reflective" of who we are.

The future is unknown... But one thing we are sure about, we believe in each other and in a loving God who knows what we need to strengthen the bond that have kept us together and strong. We believe in our friends and the impact of even one good deed.

I like those odds... This year promises to be another great one. :-D


The Garden of Egan said...

That is a beautiful thought! Love the moon photo...........uh, LOVED the fudge photo!

Hansonpatch said...

Beautiful! It couldn't be said better than what you put there. I value your friendship, and am grateful for your constant uplifting spirit and your genuinely kind nature. Chandy..I am glad I know you and even more proud to call you my friend! Have a great year!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

That's a great attitude of hope and faith you got. Thanks for torturing me with the fudge girl = )

Here's to 2010!


Chandy said...

Thank you ladies, you so rock with your attitudes. I am floored at how much kindness radiates from each comment.