Sunday, January 10, 2010

A List of Good Things...

This week was full of things to do and done. The freeze warning wasn't enough to dampen our plans to spend time together.

Monday to Thursday was spent picking up, dropping off and grocery shopping for both food and firewood.

Friday, we watched Harry Potter 6 at home after a great dinner out at Palio's Italian restaurant and a trip to Lowe's... We started the shelving units for the little ones' room. We decided on wall to wall so we can keep the floor clear. (fingers crossed on this one)

Saturday, we finally had our Family Shopping Spree and we hit pay dirt!!! We left the house armed with giftcards from the grands and we used it well... Got our family and individual gifts. Yeah!

In 7 hours, we managed to visit Half-Price Books, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Target, and Forever 21. Everyone got what they wanted, even me! We came home with so many bags, you'd think we were made of money, but no... we barely dented our wallets. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Today, I baked French breads and Pan de Sal since we ran out of sandwich bread. Tomorrow, I will bake sandwich bread.

(We have been enjoying our leftovers thoroughly but also enjoyed eating out, for free or highly discounted with coupons! I haven't cooked much but it was balanced out with the mounting laundry from all the extra layers of clothes from the freeze stint we had.)

Yesterday, At Home Depot, they had two 50% off bags of gravel that was perfect for the bald front of our apartment. So for $3 on both bags, we now have a more pleasing and flood-free zone by the front door! Yay!!!

At 45 degrees today, we were warm enough to clean out the patio for the inspection tomorrow. It looks great and my purple Asiatic Lily, thrived and grew into three different plants! I can't wait to see the new blooms in the Spring!

Also today, just before church ended, the emergency lights and alarm went off. It turned out that in and around one of the foyers, water pipes burst and we had an instant waterfall and fountain from the columns and roof. The kids loved it, the adults, grateful it wasn't much worse...

How about you, what fun things did you do?


The Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like excitement for you. I think your week of shopping sounds like it was a treat.
I think everyone should shop for Christmas after Christmas.
Hubby and I drove to Utah to listen to our son speak in Sacrament Meeting. It was pretty awesome.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Tauna! It definitely was a full week!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Busy, busy gal! Shopping after the holidays is so much better for the deals.

I spent most of my week calling up less active and non active members to set appointments for the ward missionaries to visit them. It's my husband's calling and somehow I have gotten suckered into playing secretary. I got cussed out and screamed at quite a bit and then the hang ups weren't so bad.

I think I would have preferred to be shopping with you = P


kado! said...

your shopping trip sounds FUN! watched lots of Football. Oh and the movie the Hangover...Oh was HILARIOUS!!!